Dodge SRT-4's

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  1. Every forum i go to and even in my nitrous.rush forum we used to have. We had argued about this. Would someone buy a srt-4 or put a payment down on a sti or evo. It was something like that and everyone said they would not buy a srt-4 because of all the call backs they get. I see them around her i saw a blue one the other day something was hanging from the engine. Me and my friends started laughin i love the cars but from what i know... they have problems.
  2. You are going to the wrong forums then. Why don't you come to our forum and you will learn a lot about the car and you will also see that there isn't that many problems with the car at all. The 2003's had a batch of bad clutch assemblies and a few trannies had faulty 3rd gear synchro's and that's about it as far as factory problems. Sure, there have been a few blown engines (holes in pistons) but that is a result of very poor tuning and/or zero knowledge when it comes to tuning a car.

    Almost all the "stories" that fly around the net are false. A lot people try and bring the car down because it is a "neon" and try to attach the past problems with the 95-96 neons to the SRT-4. SRT-4 is completely different as far as the engine/tranny/suspention goes. Just like Ford has SVT, DCX has PVO which are the same goup of elite engineers that brought us the Viper. The SRT-4 is a specialty vehicle that PVO engineered and they put their hands on the important things (engine/tranny/suspension). Sure the rest of the car is a 2nd gen neon, but that's what needed to be done to keep it under 20K when the car came out. :nice:
  3. You just said they had problems and you tell me im wrong what new car brand new car do you buy that has a problem with it.?
  4. Thats all im sayin is that i hear some of them have problems not every single one has a problem if you gave me the money like i said... i would buy one in a second. Im not downing the car i love the car its one of the best out their right now.

    And yes the steelers did suck this year hopefully next year things will be ok lol
  5. I'm not sure on them, everyone has there opinions on them having problems or not having problems. All I got to say is I'm happy that its not another forgin ricer, and in fact a American car! :flag:

    ***Disclaimer ***
    Granted most of what we call American cars are in fact made or most of the parts are made out side the U.S.A.
  6. Actually the SRT-4 says on the window sticker what percentage of parts are from the US and Canada, and I believe it was 83%. Drizzee, where in Delaware are you located? My dad has a beach house in Lewes, Delaware and he has a business down there too. He's actually driving the GT up to Delaware this weekend to compare what the dealers up there will give us for a trade in versus the one here in Virginia. As long as he can get $6,000 for it, he'll be happy. But he said there is a black SRT at the dealer in Denton, and a red one at Georgetown. :nice:
  7. I live in Bear. It is about 45 min north of Lewes. What's the namw of your dad's place? I know that Brandywine Smyrna has an E Blue one. Up here in Wilmington, we have 2 Reds.