Does a 2004 Cobra have a beak-in period?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by onrailz, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. Thinking of buying a new Cobra with the good prices they have. I want to know if it has any type of break-in period. Anybody know?
  2. No, only the 2003 models had to be broken in. 2004's are broke in by the dealer these days.... :rolleyes:

    You've got to be kidding... right?

  3. Honestly think about it when these cars come off the line and are driven do you think they take it easy on them for those couple of miles ?
  4. I can only tell you what Ive read over on svtperformance. I have read that the 03/04's have boost restricted for the first few key cycles. I cannot confirm because mine had 200 miles on it when purchased.

  5. the manual says to take it easy for 1,000 miles :shrug:
  6. The only reason I ask is because the mechanic did a burnout in the lot with the car that I may be purchasing! :shrug:
  7. my test drive, they dude drove it like he stole it!!!!!! and then some. So if you buy one get it with as few miles as poss!!!
  8. Jeez, and dealers wonder why people think car salesmen are stupid...

    Go to his manager ask him to call SVT about the break in period and ask for $ off the price and a new set of tires.
  9. The car had 27 miles. I have owned two Mustangs before and this Cobra is the best. The ride was firm and the engine was buttery smooth. :D
  10. My first 03 Cobra had 12 miles on it when I bought it and I had no problem getting into boost right off the lot . That one was totaled .
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    However many miles it takes you to get to your local drag strip!

    I actually drove mine from NJ to NC and back the week after I bought it. Once I got home I went straight to the track! I think the break in period is supposed to be 1000 miles of city driving....driving at different speeds...

    I dont think it really matters....although......

    WHAT ABOUT THE CLUTCH? When you get a new clutch you are supposed to put 500 miles on it of city driving before driving it hard. I would think the same would be break in period would be needed for a new car.
  12. Talk about a break in period, I have heard that the cobra doesn't really wake up until around 10,000 miles. A number of owners have told me that. They felt a difference in performance after that. :shrug:
  13. uhhhh

    I've heard that too and I think its a load of crap.

    Judging by the dynos I have had there were no unexpected jumps in hp from the mods I had done three years ago at 2000 miles vs. the mods now at 11,000 miles and I raced it every week weather permitting since June 02

    but i would have to believe that the clutch would need the 500 mile city driving break in just like any other clutch.