Does Any Mustang come with a sunroof?

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  1. I just bought a 2003 Mustang, and it has a sunroof in it...well a 2 friends of mine sear that Ford doesn't put them in the V6, or the GT. Can Somebody tell me if thats true? Another question i have is that it also came with the two tone (black & grey) Leather seats... Whats the best way to keep them soft and try to minimize, wrinkles? Thanks for all yor help guys, since i bought my mustang you guys have helped me with my CAI, and my indiglo gauges. And I know that in the next few weeks when i install my sound system, I know where to go to get help.
  2. They are correct, there is no FACTORY sunroof option, although dealers probably do it and/or custom shops.
  3. 94+ stangs dont have sunroofs from factory. it compromises the unibody integrity.
  4. Last year i went to my local ford dealership and they actually had a mustang brand new with a sun roof it was a v6 full loaded and the window sticker said...sun roof. so i guess that ford actually built acouple mustangs with the sun roof :shrug:
  5. most likely a special order or it wasnt new IMO
  6. One of my mustangs has a sunroof from the factory... but its an 88 :)
  7. Dealer Installed or Custom made for the dealer. It was not a Ford option.
  8. :shrug: Why would anyone want a sunroof in a Mustang?