Does anybody else have this problem?

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  1. Now that I have purchased my Audi, I'm having to split mods between the two cars. And since I am one that very much dislikes buying inferior products, I'm feeling torn between the two beasts.

    The audi needs quite a bit of work (front bumper, timing belt kit, headlights, rear bumper, etc.)

    but the stang needs new brakes, suspension, and an underside-overhaul.

    I can't possibly afford to do all of it.


    maybe I should start selling my body.
  2. On occasion I dream of throwing a turbo on the Saturn and making it a lot more fun to drive... but then I pull my head out of my butt and realize that with the same money I can get double or better results out of the Stang.

    But an Audi, well, that might be a little different. I can't stand to keep anything stock, so maybe a little attention to this and that isn't necessarily a bad thing?

    Sell your body, just not to Science... I'm sure you'd prefer to drive your cars afterward :rolleyes:
  3. I've also considered man-whoaring as a second source of income :D
  4. There's no way I'd rather mod my other cars over the stang. Makes it easy for me, lol.
  5. You cant have 2 toys....
  6. I hear that. I just completely restored my GTI and did a motor swap and put every little new part possible on it. Two different cars keep you from getting bored, since you can go back and forth between the two. Fun stuff.
  7. i am in the same boat as you. i recently purchased a 1979 jeep cj7 and i cannot decide whether to do the H/C/I on the stang or spend that money and do a complete lift, wheels, and tires for the jeep.
  8. totally true, once I get home im getting a truck nothing fancy prob a newer ranger but ill do a few small mods to it, of coruse my stang will still be the mod whore.
  9. haha Matt, you can't buy a ranger, but if you reaaaally want to, buy an island blue 2001 Ranger Edge, then we can have 2 of the same vehicles

    On that note, I'm really starting to feel the sting for a few mods to the Ranger...

    I keep seeing things, and I keep wanting to drive up the side of snowbanks...

    it's killing me....

    I think I'm going to break my promise and do stuff to it
  10. You'll probably find that it goes in spurts. I get hot on one car and then get sick of it and go back to the other. Which ever one is most hideous is the one I address first.

    I'd do the maintenance and safety stuff first, in whatever order of triage it needs to be done. Maybe use used parts where feasible (I try to never buy new since I can't afford it). These cars will drain the crap out of you though. They are a fine pair of cars, each with a great and unique purpose. :nice:

    Good luck!
  11. Brah you cant. I vouched for you; you'll make me look bad (or worse than however people already see me). :D

    When the mod-urge hits you, wrap a rubber band around your berries for an hour. The urge should subside. :D
  12. i used fishing line....this really hurts
  13. :owned:

  14. Good point on dealing with the most hideous one. I'm feeling the urge for the Audi right now. The stang just got a fresh coat of paint...while the Audi needs a front bumper, rear bumper, headlights, minor body work, various electrical, timing belt change, balljoint.

    Since I can't afford to do what I'd like to both of my cars now, (as much as I'd like to) I think the decision will be to sleep the Audi until next winter. That way I can give myself plenty of time to find deals.

    Then I will still be able to do what I want to the stang this spring, and then I can begin work on the Audi late summer/early fall :nice:
  15. Try doing it with 2 cars, a truck and a bike. I purged out 3 other bikes over the past year that were clogging my time and basement. I miss the RC-51 though. And the CBR. And the NX-650. And the TRX-450.
  16. twy owning two modified mustangs
  17. i wish i had that problem but right now i'm so broke i can't even afford to do anything to my car lol.
  18. ehh theres really no point for 2 toys..
  19. I tried Manwhoring and wound up Owing $200 :shrug:
  20. :lol: ... Wound up owing $200 AND had an itchy dong with red sores...:nono: