Does anybody else have this problem?

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  1. hmm around here we have winter. the stang doesn't take to well to it :D
  2. Sheesh, thanks for not giving me an E-kick-in-the-groin. I just re-read some of what I said before, and like me after I eat a large Sonoran Mexican-food feast, it didn't come out right. :rlaugh: :puke:

    I meant to convey something about the most relatively-hideous vehicle (to mean the one with the most little things that bother us). Make no mistake - I think both of your rides look outstanding, and I apologize that my sentiments didn't come across like that. I know personally, one car will need enough stuff done to it that I finally get the urge and just start to try and mow things down. Otherwise, I try not to spend money or work on stuff. :D

    Your idea sounds really good. You're pretty close to Spring so enjoy the fresh stang and really do the Audi up right. :nice: Plus it might be easier to work on in the late Summer/early Fall.
  3. I have 3.