Does anybody have problems jacking up a GT?

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  1. Jacking up my car is the biggest PITA. It's lowered 1.5 inches. I just bought a nice craftsman jack that looked long enough but it still sucks. My problem is mostly tring to jack up the rear. The end of my GT bumper hits the jack handle.

    Does anybody have any idea's besides buying a lift? Cobra bumper? Do they make an extra long narrow jack?
  2. You can get a low profile jack, that may help.
  3. drive it on to 2x4s first. That always helps me...
  4. i always did a little at a time. Id jack the front up just enough to get jack stands in at their lowest height, then do the rear , and go back to the front.
  5. ive got a small craftsman jack that works well, doesnt get the car high enough for my fat rear to get under it, but it is enough to get my big bottle jack under there and switch em out.
  6. Get a notch.

    Problem solved.

  7. with stock suspension my handle hits the bumpers. i just have the jack out and jack it up a couple inches to where the pad will just barely go under the pumpkin or the k member and then after one push it still start lifting.
  8. When I saw the title of this tread, this came to mind.....


    DON'T do that, but it would solve your problem. You wouldn't even need a jack.

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  9. I still say, as far as retarded monster mustangs go, that one looks pretty least it looks like it's got some serious suspension and not just a 'stang on a bronco frame.