Electrical Does Anybody Have The Fuel Pump Wiring Schematics For A 91?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Boostedpimp, May 28, 2013.

  1. if you still want them, I can get the schematics from alldata. if you want them I can email them to you.

  2. Yes please hook me up.. hell if it helps me in the faintest i'll paypal you a few bucks

    email is [email protected]
  3. you know what I don't see that fuse link wire... and I believe that's the wire I was told fried so it would make sense that this yellow wire would be the one in question. Did this fusible link get it's constant 12v from being bolted directly to the starter solenoid or somewhere else?
  4. no need for $ my friend. ive had pleanty of guys help me out through the years. you should have an email. :)
  5. Schematic is for a 92. See if it matches what you have. Ford like to change wiring colors.
    See fuselink G.

  6. Well 99% sure that yellow wire was the VPWR wire to the ECC relay so I attached it to the starter solenoid with a new fuse link and everything works again except the fuel pump will not prime. Tried another fuel pump relay but no dice.. it seems the ecc relay is the same relay so I tried the new one in there and no dice neither. Im getting volts to the inherta switch and fuel pump
  7. See the Fuel pump Troubleshooter tech note I posted earlier. It has everything you need to know to troubleshoot and fix your problem.