Digital Tuning Does Anybody Using C&l 73mm Or 76mm Mass Air Meter

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Slow5.0, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. Does anybody using C&L 73mm or 76mm MASS air meter because its cheapper to change tubes if I wanna go with bigger injectors
    Meybe C&L is better than PRO-M ???
  2. Im running a 76 MM C&L wich alot of peole dont on supercharged cars but it seems to be running pretty well w/ it on there. I am thinking of switching to an 80 MM Pro-M calibrated for a S/C but it will make it run richer in the upper RPM's and I had a prob w/ it running lean on the dyno. Ive had the C&L for over a yr now and over all its been problem free
  3. Ernie, I STRONGLY suggest sticking with Pro-M. For every one person that doesn't have a problem with their C&L, you will find 4 that do. I believe it is due to the fact that our EEC uses the MAF to determine load which is used in just about every table within the EEC. Both pro-m and C&L vary the output voltage to the EEC to trick it into thinking there is less air coming in than there really is. The EEC shortens the pulsewidth up then thinking it doesn't need to supply that much fuel, but since you have a larger injector in there, more fuel per pulsewidth is delivered. The trick is to get this right, and I like how Pro-M does it with electronics rather than tricking the airflow past the wires with a sampling tube. For years C&L didn't make a MAF for the 94-95 cars, and it was due to all the problems they had with their meter on our cars. They are VERY susceptible to things that change the airflow such as CAI, etc. My dad has the C&L 76mm setup on his 91GT and we COULD NOT tune the car with a CAI on it. We put the factory airbox back on and finally we could make consistent dyno runs with repeatable results.
  4. Paul is correct! I've had C&L meters before and they work great but not for our cars. Some cars like them and other's don't. Just get a Pro-M and be done with it.
  5. I too might be jumping to the Pro-M bandwagon, due to the fact that I want a MAF transfer sheet that Pro-M supplies.

    It makes it much easier to tune the car and opens up many more doors to tuning a car when you have all the MAF data that Pro-M provides.

    With that said, I do like my C&L. :D

  6. You can get Pro-M's pretty cheap compared to what they used to be. Best place to look is cool blue performance , they also auction them off on Ebay. By switching to a PRO-M Calibrated for a S/C I hope to solve my lean condition that I had on the dyno, it crept over 14 for the A/F raito, not good w/ a blower :notnice:
  7. So what size of PRO-M , I gonna use 24lb injectors so which one size is good
    BTW C&L is kinda cheapper to change to bigger injectors just change tube right?
  8. The 77mm & 80mm ProM's have the same electronics and according to their tech guy it is those electronics on those two meters that make them the most accurate of their regular mafs.

    The 80mm can be bought from them for less money due to the fact that it has a plastic housing and the 77mm is metal and it has to be machined.

    I run the 80mm shorty and it has not given me any probs.
  9. So do the c&l's work ok with the fox bodies? I have a shot at getting a 76mm for a good deal to run my 24# injectors, and am doing some research on them now. Cant afford to buy one twice lol.
  10. Whoa, this is an 8 year old thread. C&L makes good meters and they work great on FOX body's. I'd say get the 76MM if it's a good deal.
  11. wow bumped from the grave. C&L was my first aftermarket meter I ever ran. Never used one again. Get a PMAS or PRO-M and dont look back.