Does Anyone Else Find This Odd?

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  1. You will need to tap and pry and beat them back in shape of they are really damaged. If the seams are just starting to pull away you can actually install the kit to help get them back in shape then tack weld the seam, then go back and stitch the entire seam. If the mounting holes are damaged you can weld a washer to the frame side but you need to make sure the bolts are parallel to the frame and perpendicular.

    The best thing to do is take care of the issue before it becomes a major problem. I installed all new tq boxes from wild rides in a customers car and it was quite the task.

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  2. Is it the uppers or lowers that tend to get more damage... or both?
  3. See below.

    Yes, I am also curious on this one. The kits are often sold separately as uppers and lowers, and I notice that RNH Performance only offers a lower kit. Rick, can you also shed some light on this? I will probably be doing torque boxes on my car this winter.

    And I wouldn't be afraid to pay a little more for a nice kit.

  4. Hahah I'm going the opposite way. I bought some 3x6x.125 flat bar for roll cage mounts, but I'm wondering if its worth the trouble to make my own reinforcements and save $50. The lowers would be easy to make. Uppers would be a little trickier
  5. I just didn't believe the upper kits available do anymore then welding plates to the top side of the floor and stitch welding the stock mounts I never did anything for uppers in that design.

    Truth be told I designed a 1 off piece that is the same as the s box wild rides sells but it never left my shop for testing. When I saw that s box for sale I about $hit...I would have thought someone stole my prototype....that's what I get for taking too long.

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  6. Lowers...

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  7. @Rick 91GT So my next question is what's the best way to clean the metal around the uppers so I can weld them? I dont have access to a sand blaster. Grinder wont fit. Paint stripper?