Does anyone else like Elecronica Music?

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  1. I can not stand hardcore. D&B and jungle
    My one friend spins his own "booty house" which is fun

    My freshmen year we had 5 DJ's on my floor 3 of em had tables in the rooms, I supplied my 400watt hartke bass amp, muahahaha
  2. Asura, Bad Loop, Conjure One, Radix, Massive Attack, Orbital, Looper, Air, BT, Blake, Jega, PPK, System, Utah Saints, Sneaker Pimps. And, of course, Prodigy - You Will Be Under My Wheels.

    Geeks should check out The 8-Bit Construction Set. Yay for music written in 6502 assembly. :D

    Oh, has some awesome electronic streams, if anyone here listens to internet radio.
  3. DI is sometimes a godsend for me.
  4. Everyone once in a while I'll run streamripper on 3 or 4 DI streams for a few days and pick out the songs I like.

    One song I just can't seem to get, though, is Quite Perfect by CLS & Wax. Anyone know where I can find it?
  5. I like some of the stuff that Tommy Lee does with DJ Aero.
  6. nope - Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, Chimaira etc... but I do like Prodigy and Crystal Method a bit...
  7. I love I downloaded streamripper from and then when I listen to DI on winamp I can just rip the stream, it gets all the ID3 tag info and saves all the songs for me. I love it!

  8. DI.FM is always on my iTunes