Does anyone elses Sync suck A**?

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  1. Hey, is anyone having problems with their sync trying to sync their ipods and playing them thru the cars stereo? Mine is having all sorts of problems and barely even plays my ipod.

    It says its indexing and wont sync all of my playlists.. is anyone else having problems with theirs?
  2. There could be a few things wrong with it, if the issues are isolated to your ipod then you probably have corrupted files in it. I would bet that not all your songs are legitimate downloads, I've seen many bootleg filled iPods wreak havoc on SYNC.
  3. Funny thing about that is I actually download all of my music from itunes. Im one or the last few who download their music legally. So there's no corrupted files on my ipod. My sync works properly sometimes, then other times it barely works
  4. our sync works great....except for phone calls......drops calls all the time and we have the newest updates on our phone
  5. Jymbo I would suggest then if you're under bumper to bumper warranty then you need to schedule an apointment with your dealer for a software update. You should also go to and make sure your phone is one of the 25 or so compatible phones, and if it is stroll by your service provider and make sure the phones software is up to date for SYNC
  6. I use an ipod touch.. i dont have my phone sync'd up with the car. The car wont play my ipod anymore. I'll try and schedule an appointment, but i dont know what they'll tell me because i've already voided the warranty with my mods.
  7. They can refuse to warranty drivetrain parts due to your mod but they can't void it. If your window regulator fails at 16k miles what does that have to do with HP mods?? SYNC has it's own APIM separate from the vehicle PCM therefore don't let low smoke up your ass about aftermarket tuning has an effect. LOL
  8. They can refuse to warranty drivetrain parts due to your mod but they can't void it. If your window regulator fails at 16k miles what does that have to do with HP mods?? SYNC has it's own APIM separate from the vehicle PCM therefore don't let low smoke up your ass about aftermarket tuning has an effect. LOL
  9. on our IPod we had to label the songs by name, artist and genre to make them all work with the sync
    or it wouldnt play them
  10. I hate it how my iphone always starts playing music via the ipod app regardless of whether or not it was playing before, or even if the stereo is turned completely off. It isn't making sound of course, but is eating up battery sending via bluetooth. BT calls seem to work fine, I just hate the default start playing when BT syncs and I start the car.

  11. Hey everyone,

    I suggest contacting our In-Vehicle Technology team at 800.392.3673 (option 1 then 3) for troubleshoooting tips. If that doesn't help, PM me your VIN with the details and I'll see what I can do.

    :nice: Sparta is spot-on. The installation of any aftermarket product will not necessarily void the warranty, but if the aftermarket product fails or causes a Ford Motor Company part to fail, then those parts would not be covered. So feel free to head to the dealer. :)

  12. My wife has a 2012 Explorer with MyFordTouch/Sync. That system is a friggin' nightmare! It's constantly re-booting and running diagnostics. It's so unreliable. And with so many modern GPS systems out there, why is this one so much more complicated? It's aggravating that such a nice vehicle has such a piece of crap human interface system. And you have to deal with it every time you drive! It really affects the experience. If I've learned anything from our short experience with our Explorer thus far, it's that my next Ford WILL NOT have this system in it, even if that means buying something old. :notnice:
  13. First problem (debatable, but I'm poking the bear:stirpot:): You're all using proprietary POS apple products. Yup, I said it, the Iphone sucks, get a Droid, they play nicely with Sync and are more capable pieces of tech. Apple products are ****y, and Droid supports all of Sync's functions. Plus, Pandora radio via Sync > MP3 player any day of the week, so why use an Ipod?

    Now, on to the useful stuff:

    Second problem: Update your Sync system! Go to, get an account, fill in the data about your car, get a cheap USB thumb drive, follow the directions, a few trips out to the car....and bam, the latest and de-bugged version of Sync. I've done it quite a few times with my '10. Cleans up lots of the problems that early Sync versions had, and adds features that some may choose to use. I've been through 2 version updates and 3 status checks, all with no problems.

    Third problem: As stated before, you must organize your music on your Ipod in a traditional Artist-Song-Album type format or Sync might trip over it. My wife's Droid had problems with her phone book working with voice command because of whatever mess of organization she had going on. We organized it, and now Sync is smooth.

    Don't hate on Sync guys, because once you know how she likes it, she's a giver!:jaw:
  14. Dude, I have a droid phone that works on my old (2010) system and doesn't on my wife's 2011 system.
    I also have an iPod that has never given me a moment's trouble on my car and has had many problems on hers. Your answer does not explain that problem.
    I am an Apple guy and don't have an iPhone because I don't like the available carriers. Apple products, for me, work fine. Windows stuff doesn't. My wife's car had the sync system updated and it helped very little. The problem clearly is the newest Sync software. Otherwise tell me why my Apple iPod and Droid phone (an HTC desire) work perfectly on my car and not hers.
  15. I'm not sure if you folks have the USB port. If you do, my experience with a $10 16gb thumb-drive has been superior for the playing of music. I have access to all the features, such as playing track, artist or album etc. All controlled by verbal commands. I am very happy with the usb media features.
  16. SYNC is highly overrated!!! I use it for the phone only and that doesn't work sometimes especially when I dial by name...doesn't recognize some sounds. The directions function under services doesn't know freeway names in some cases and states for example "bear left on unknown...". That really helps! I find myself yelling at it many times when it doesn't recognize stuff. It just isn't worth it.
  17. Or a 250Gb USB HD in the glovebox plugged into the 'hidden' second USB port with nearly your entire music collection is pretty cool too.
  18. Yeah, that's very cool! I'm not sure, but isn't the song indexing limited to 10,000 songs?
  19. Hey everyone!

    Our In-Vehicle Technology team will be posting publicly on this forum as FordIVTteam. Jaclyn will be assisting with SYNC and other tech related questions. I wanted to take a moment to pass the word along, so you can be sure she is part of the official Ford team.

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