Does anyone elses Sync suck A**?

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  1. I'm running the most current version of software available (verified by the dealer and Ford Customer Support). Also, when I try to run the version checker downloaded from SyncMyRide, I get a "USB not supported" alert in the display. My wife is PISSED that we spent $41K on this thing, and MyFordTouch is such a clunker. She's even more PISSED with the service department's shoulder shrug and 'we can't help you' stance. Big trouble brewing....
  2. I hope she has some answers, because my service departments certainly doesn't. "We can't help you" doesn't cut it. If I have to Lemon Law this thing over the friggin MFT system, it will be very, very disappointing :(
  3. Every time I put in a different USB device I get a "USB not supported blah, blah warning" but when I read the whole message it was talking about some copying rules or something....I can't remember exactly. Now I just ignore it and SYNC always reads and plays songs off the USB without issue.

    Try plugging your stick with the tunes on it, ignore the messages and when they are gone tell the thing to "play USB" and see if it works.
  4. The issue is that I want to run the status checker tool. The car won't read the USB to run it. Customer support recommended use another drive. Did so, with same results :( . OBTW, customer support said don't use ScanDisk brand USB drives. Neither of mine were.
  5. Oh.....can't say I tried that tool. When I get home I'll have to give it a try.

    Stand by.
  6. Went to the Sync site and since I'm in a third world country I can't get that feature....sorry.:bs:
  7. Yeah. This stinks. MyFordTouch=FAIL. Ford's customer service=FAIL
  8. Update: Someone from the Ford Mothership customer service department called and asked us to take the Explorer to another dealer, and they assigned an 'escalation' to the issue (not sure what that means). We took it in and the service adviser was 100% more attentive to the issue. The tech looked at the system and confirmed that only fix is the new software Ford has set for release early next year. All involved were very apologetic and did they best they could with the stinky situation we find ourselves in. While my issue is incredibly annoying, the turnaround in customer service has made the entire situation a little easier to deal with. I just hope this new software does the trick.
    Is it possible that the SYNC issue some mustang owners are experiencing is related to the MyFordTouch issues? Is there any talk of a newer SYNC software coming for the Mustang?
  9. I've got Sync in my 2012 Fusion and am using it with a 3 year old LG and an Ipod classic with no issues whatsover. Very happy with it and it's the original factory settings with no updates.
    I'm a sales manger at a Ford dealership and I've yet to get a complaint from a customer on their Sync, and believe me it's not because people don't complain.
  10. All I can say is that you are either very lucky or your service people are not talking to you.
    My dealership tells me they get complaints all the time. But they also offer little assistance in getting the issue resolved.
  11. I think a lot of it is before our customers leave we make sure they are familiar with it and we also offer classes every Wednesday on it's usage. The biggest problem I've seen so far is people with messed up contact information, but we usually find that during the intitial demo and tell them how to fix it.
  12. Hi, mulestang.

    I'm happy to hear you were already contacted. We're always working on updates/enhancements for SYNC and MyFord Touch. Here's a link to check for updates specific to your vehicle:

    I have no reason to believe SYNC issues with the Mustang would be related to concerns with the MyFord Touch system. Anyone having any SYNC related concerns should shoot me a PM and I'll review each one on a case-by-case basis.

  14. As for updates, we're running the most current version according to the website. And even if there were updates, they would be useless, as the vehicle will not recognize a USB drive, regardless of brand.
    Also, during a 4 hour drive back from GA this past weekend, the system re-booted twice while driving. After the second re-boot, the back-up camera stopped displaying. Also, the NAV failed because it no longer recognizes the SD card in the slot. Removing/reinstalling the card didn't work. That was on Sunday. Here we are 3 days later, and no back-up camera, and no NAV. Ever tried to back up in a new Explorer without the back-up cam? It's a little challenging, to say the least.
    If Ford insists that a 'fix' will be arriving during the first quarter of 2012, it better be darn soon after January 1st. Every day that passes after that have me one day closer to dusting off the lemon law brochure in the glove box in preparation for plan B. Very sad....
  15. OMG, mountain dew through the nose...thanks.:eek:
  16. Pretty sure that's not how the Lemon Law works.:rolleyes:

    • If, within the period specified in subsection (1) of this section, the manufacturer or its agents, are unable to repair or correct any nonconformity or defect that substantially impairs the use, value, or safety of the motor vehicle, after a reasonable number of attempts, the manufacturer, at the option of the buyer, shall replace the motor vehicle with a comparable motor vehicle, or accept return of the vehicle from the buyer and refund to the buyer the full purchase price. The full purchase price shall include the amount paid for the motor vehicle, finance charge, all sales tax, license fee, registration fee, and any similar governmental charges plus all collateral charges, less a reasonable allowance for the buyer's use of the vehicle. Refunds shall be made to the buyer and lien holder, if any, as their interests may appear on the records of ownership kept by the Department of Vehicle Regulation. The provisions of this section shall not affect the interests of a lien holder, unless the lien holder consents to the replacement of the lien with a corresponding lien on the automobile accepted by the consumer in exchange for the automobile having a nonconformity, the lien holder shall be paid in full the amount due on the lien, including finance charges and other charges, before an exchange of automobiles or a refund to the consumer is made. It shall be an affirmative defense to any claim under this section that:
      1. The nonconformity, defect, or condition does not substantially impair the use, value, or safety of the motor vehicle; or

      2. The nonconformity, defect, or condition is the result of abuse, neglect, or unauthorized modification or alteration of the motor vehicle by the buyer.

  17. I know how to use Sync. It works fine on my 2010 Mustang but my wife's 2011 Fusion has problems. I have repeated this many times before and getting a bit tired of it. She has the updated software and there are still problems. Ford has acknowledged there are problems and I have been told a software update that really should fix the problem is coming. My iPod works fine on mine, not on hers. My phone works fine on mine, not on hers. There HAS to be a problem with Sync that no amount of training for the user is going to resolve.
    Why we are at it, pushrod power, you need its for "its usage." It's is an abbreviation for it is. Its shows possession which is what you want in your sentence. I teach journalism on the university level and am really bothered when I see this. If in doubt, substitute it is in your sentence. If it sounds wrong, it most likely is.
  18. I would really like to look into this further! Please send me a private message including the VIN for your wife's vehicle.

    I'm not sure where you're at in regards to troubleshooting, but I'd be happy to look into your concerns as well. What type of phone and iPod are you using? Feel free to PM me the details as well as the VIN.

  19. What does it matter if they both work on a 2010 Mustang with the older Sync software but won't work properly on a 2011 Fusion with the latest software?
  20. Well up until yesterday the my sync has been great. My iPod has been connected to it since I got the car 15 months ago and has worked perfectly. Yesterday it stopped playing in mid song (Volbeat: Fallen) and when I hit the button and say USB it says" no USB device connected" Then it says "Bluetooth audio and starts playing my cel phone ring tones through the sound system which my kids think is hysterical but not a feature I really need. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting it a few times and replacing the USB cable still no good. I'm gonna try connecting my son's iPod. I guess if that doesn't work that eliminates all external causes and it has to be a problem with the sync itself . The car is still under warranty but I would prefer to avoid a trip the the dealer if possible. Anyone have any suggestions?Is there something I missed?
    P.S. All other sync features, phone, Bluetooth, navigation etc work fine.