Does anyone have an H pipe on their V6?

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  1. All I ever see available for converting to true dual exhaust is an x-pipe, but I just prefer the old fashioned rumble you get from an h-pipe versus the raspy sound an x-pipe makes (h-pipes tend to have less part throttle drone as well). I know the muffler that's used has an effect on the sound too, but even with V8's I heard that have an x-pipe they also have a bit of a raspy tapping to the exhaust sound which is distinctive to the x-pipe. The V6 needs all the help it can get in making the exhaust tone sound deeper and fuller, with only 6 firing pulses coming down the pipes it's hard not to end up sounding like a ricer, the raspy tone an x-pipe adds to a dual exhaust doesn't really help that.

    I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel here, I know the cheapest and easiest way to put a dual exhaust on is one of the aftermarket x-pipes, but I'm just trying to enhance the sound as much to my preferences as possible without spending a fortune on a completely custom built system.

    I wonder how hard it would be to modify a take-off GT h-pipe to hook up to the V6 down tubes behind the cats?
  2. You would have to weld it in. That is the way I would go, an H pipe then Magnapacks. :)
  3. You could try no crossover pipe, and that's what I have. I really like it. I originally had the 2.5" GT takeoff pipes (no crossover), but I could feel the loss of low end torque. So I had them replaced with some custom 2.25" mandrel bent stainless 409 pipes. I like my exhaust much better now. Sounds good, and performance is improved. sells universal h-pipes in various sizes.
    JEGS 30651 JEGS Universal H-Pipe Kits
  4. I had a custom exhaust done and they did it with an H pipe. No special mufflers or anything, just pipes.

    Sounds about as good as I think a V6 can.