Does anyone have any input on this CAI

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  1. Does anyone know anything about this? Magnum FORCE Stage 2 Cold Air Intake System. they are tring to push the fact that metal retains heat and this would be better because there is no metal. Any help or comments would be helpful.
  2. plastic does not condust heat like metal. it should give lower inlet temps, thus gaining a slight advantage in power gains. most intakes have had similar gains. get the one you like.
  3. I have that AFE CAI kit. It works well without a tune and no codes thrown. I think the reason is that the tube where the MAF probe sits is the same diameter as stock, and the MAF sits in the same place. The intake tube is plastic, which is good. The filter is surrounded by metal. I don't know whether that is good or bad, but it works.

    Now it works even better because I have a tune from Paul's High Performance installed with an SCT Xcalibrator 2. Mucho more power.
  4. I have the same one , and I too am getting a tune as soon as I bring her out of her sleep..
  5. 05Canuck - All I can say is, great minds run in similar circles. My '05 is also silver, a 'vert, and has a trunk insert from Silverhorse racing. It looks like you have something similar on your trunk lid.

    And, yes the tuner is going to make a world of difference for you.
  6. Thanks for your responces! I am trying to explore ALL of the options bfore I buy a CAI. If money was no object, what is the BEST CAI currently to get?
  7. Can't say for sure, since I do have the afe piece, but I also liked the Steeda or Ford Racing (made by Steeda) CAI with an SCT tuner as a package. Money needs to be no object though because either combo will cost you about $700.
  8. I totally disagree! The two best intakes on the market that has been proven over and over again on the dyno are the JLT II True Cold Air Intake and C&L MAF Intake system with an SCT Custom tuned XCalibrator 2! I have dynod and tuned every combination and the two I listed yielded the most power gain, well over the AFE, Ford Racing, Steeda, K&N. The K&N and AFE aren't even in the same league as the JLT and C&L. The K&N and AFE retain the stock Mass Air Flow housing, which doesn't allow you to gain barely any horsepower. The JLT and C&L have completely bigger Mass Air Flow housing, which coupled with a custom tuned SCT XCalibrator 2 gains over 34 rear wheel horsepower and 32 foot pounds of torque. Any intake that doesn't require a tune gained no more then 5 horsepower on my dyno. The AFE, Ford Racing, K&N and any other intake that doesn't require a tune from the start is a complete waste of money. If you buy one of those intakes that don’t require a tune right out of the box and you add a SCT XCalibrator2, the only gains you will see in from the tuner (XCal2) so why not just by the right intake/XCal2 combo and get the full horsepower/torque gain and not just half!

    Just my 2 cents

    I've only dynod ever CAI that is made for the 05/06 Mustang and have factual information regarding what works and what doesn't!
  9. I sell the JLT II True Cold Air Intake with a Custom Tuned SCT XCalibrator 2 for $520.00 shipped and the C&L MAF Intake System with a Custom Tuned SCT XCalibrator 2 for $625.00 Shipped!

    PM ME for Details!
  10. +1 for the JLT II & SCT combo. It just absolutely transformed the car. Never believed just a CAI & canned tune would do that till I actually bought it and put it on my car.

    I got my combo straight from JLT for $600 shipped, but I also got the paint-matched intake tube as well.

    Like has already been said, you're gonna want a tuner eventually anyway; might as well go ahead & get a good CAI with the bigger mass air and get the tuner now.
  11. I have it

    I've got it and have had no problems with it. Don't know how much extra power it makes but you can feel the difference in the way the engine reponds. It doesn't feel like it's being choked anymore. I have a chip coming from PHP with 3 different tunes on it. 1 for regular gas with magnalfow x-pipe & cat back, 1 for high octane with magnaflow x-pipe & catback, and 1 for high octane with mags exhaust sys & 3.73 gears. I'll have everything installed this Friday.:D
  12. Your 1st statement is correct.
    But the 2nd one is incorrect. Why? Because the airflow velocity inside the intake is so high that the air does not have sufficient time to absorb any significant amount of heat from the intake's walls in order to reduce engine performance. The major factor that affects engine performance with regard to inlet air is the temperature of the air source before it's pulled into the intake, i.e., hot air from inside the engine compartment vs. cooler air from outside the engine compartment.
    However, a plastic intake does have the advantage of being less expensive than a metal one.

  13. Well, you are partially right. Think about intercoolers for a minute... they do a great job of cooling air at high velocity by absorbing heat form the air. Same dynamic model, just reversing the flow.

    The difference is surface area and turbulance. Thats why there is a pressure drop accross an intercooler.

    I think if your first mod is going to be a CAI, go ahead and get one of the good ones with a tuner. YOu wont regret it.

    My other tip is to not go to Predators website and get a shelf tune for your car. From what I understand (and I may be wrong here) their tunes only calibrate for the change in size of the MAF.

    Go with a custom tune that someone has put some Dyno time in on.

    Evolution did mine and I couldn't be happier. THough IMHO, the part throttle operation and response was the most noticeable change. Ofcourse WOT picked up... but the car was pretty strong to start out with. I think Fred tweeked some other things in the system than just WOT and MAF calibration :flag:
  14. what did the DeMolet Tunable CAI gain? you didnt mention that one.
  15. Yeah!! Now that is the kind of responses that I was looking for.

    I have made no mods to my GT as of yet. But this is the tax return season and I wanted to do it up right. This is my first mustang and I will certainly appreciate any recommendations I can get. I was originally looking to get the JLT II for the CAI and a parts guy was recommending the Magnum FORCE Stage 2 due to the lack of metal. I felt that that comparison could have some merit and thought I would post the question in here and see what yall would say.

    The bottom line is that I want EACH mod I make to be the best parts and offer the most horsepower gain. Any recommendations and comments will be welcomed.
  16. Another vote for the JLT/XCal2 combo being the best one out there. Check out my sig for the numbers I made with it.
  17. Hmmm...
    If an intercooler and an intake were the same dynamic model except with their heat flows reversed, then an intake that's hotter than the inlet air would have to add more heat to the inlet air at higher airflow velocities, and thus cause higher inlet air temperatures. However, field tests show that just does not happen.
  18. EVO:

    To the best of my knowledge you haven't tested my CAI/Xcal2 combo?

    Modular Depot swears by it after testing them all. Murillo rated it higher than the C&L.
  19. SKI: Real Carbon fiber and Polycarbonates are MORE expensive materials than a metal system.
    Labor costs are also higher with the composite laminated type of construction in my
  20. What is the selling price of your intake without the tuner?