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  1. The 05/06 systems are fixed due to requiring a tune specific to the 05/06 computer code.[/QUOTE]

    So, not to be contentious, but this unit is not actually "tunable" in that it is fixed. I guess I was mislead by the advertisment/name. I was considering purchasing this unit over others because the fact that I believed it was tunable made it more appealing than other "fixed" units. Perhaps a more accurate product description would be in order?
  2. Who is "JTI" ?
  3. JTI, is short for.. John DeMolet's Tunable Induction CAI.. sorry for any confusion, I may have caused..
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  5. Thanks Ski.

    Sorry for the confusion with the trade name. Technically they are still tunable, as are the other brand 05/06 systems, requiring different tunes for the different octane fuels and processor codes.
  6. Now I am really confused! As I mentioned earlier, I am in the patent field and work in engineering and technology. The statement made above seems unfounded/incorrect. The CAI is not tunable in that the diameter of the pipe never changes, nor does the length. In fact, it doesn't appear that the volume or volocity of air passing through the CAI is variable at all. So, it cannot be accurately descibed as tunable. Obviously, the EEC is tunable by any known handheld tuner such as Diablo, XCAL II, etc. But here, the EEC is being tuned, not the CAI. So, I ask again, is this product description really accurate?
  7. You're welcome. I have no problem with your intake's excellent performance numbers, which have been substantiated by 3rd party testing.
    My disagreement is solely with your claim that "Performance gains will quickly be sacrificed with metal components in the induction system".

    In fact, I found this today, which also disagrees with your claim:
    "Some will claim that heat from the engine compartment will be transferred through the pipe of the intake system and into the air passing through the pipe, but this is not true.
    Testing by Sport Compact Car showed negligible change in intake temperature between where it enters the filter and when it passes through the throttlebody. Their conclusion was that the air is passing through the pipe at a high enough speed that it does not have time to pick up any heat from the pipe itself. Further evidence of this is the fact that the Ice Man brand intake system, made of heat insulating PVC plastic, tested at 9 HP while the AEM brand intake system, made of heat conducting aluminum, tested at 12.9 HP.
    The conclusion is clear that the design of the intake system is more important than what type of pipe is used to make the intake system."
  8. Opinions On Demolet CAI Needed

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