Does anyone have dealer installed ac?

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  1. I do and it looks like crap. Its dealer installed so they ran the airconditioning hoses over the radiator so the hood barely fits as well. It doesnt work so i am tempted to take it off anyway. My heater runs off of it as well though right? Tomorrow i will snap a pic if you guys would like to see it. It reminds me of tentacles of a octopus, dont know why just does. I want my engine bay "clean looking" and this def. does not help lol. Just wondering is anyone else has it installed by the dealer?
  2. got pics?, i have never seen a fox with lines that caused the hood not to fit. and no the heater runs seperatly off of hot radiator fluid passing through your heater core, blower blows air through air heats up.
  3. yea i will take pics tomorrow, it was installed sometime in 98 i think.
  4. My brothers old 88 GT had it, huge pita.
  5. I installed those units for years in Mustangs. Show me pictures and I can tell which plenum/heater box is under the dash. Texas Air/Ford Dealer kit for the East Coast and others usually used the original plenum which you just remove the crap from under the hood and the heater core is fine. Plug any vacuum lines from the firewall so that the heater control will still work or a vacuum leak will happen and nothing will operate. If it is a late model kit are you sure it is not a factory air and a new aftermarket compressor was installed and they ran the lines up front? None of my catalogs have had a Mustang /Fox kit for 15 years.
  6. my coupe is an original 5.0 no option car. but cruise and ac were added some time in 92. i can't wait to remove all the crap. i never saw ac lines held together by regular clamps its hilarious. but it still works... when it wants. I think my heatercore has gone bad in my car, cuz when ever i turn on the heat my windows fog up very suddenly, smells like coolant and it bearly lets out heat. any idea what heatercore i need to purchase? AC or non AC? thanks
    the cruse control controls are right under the headlight switches, the steering wheel is covering it. ive never seen a fox with that switch there before.

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  7. see my air conditioning unit is on the bottem
  8. newhouse010.jpg

    here is a pic

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  9. omg man i've never seen anything like that before... i thought mine was bad jeez. my power steering pump looks different than yours too.
  10. thanks man, make me feel like crap lol jk man. Yea i am going to take it off, the only problem is that i live in az and want to keep the ac but its fugly. Are there any other options? the compressor does not work anyway.
  11. you can prob get a stock compressor cheap from a junk yard or autozone, and get stock routed lines. is the conderser the same as stock? i know mine isn't.
  12. see im not sure?
  13. WHAT? So your AC is under the power steering?
  14. that is correct? since its sooo rare ill sell it for a billion dollars! mwahahaha jk i love this car but i dont love this crappy install!
  15. did you buy it with the wire ties and everything?
  16. yea it was installed that way by the dealer (previousl owner said)
  17. All aftermarket kits had the compressor under the power steering unit. Dealer installed kits used the factory mount and compressor and installed a air condition sticker on the shroud saying it was installed and meets all emission standards at the time installed. Fuzion I would need a better picture of the compressor to see what yours is for sure. The cruise is a $90 unit they install at Car Stereo places or department stores. (Walmart, Sears)
  18. i live in houston and i know ac is amust 103, 98% humidity, no ac = heat stroke.
    i replaced my whole ac unit for around 350 included comp, lines dryer, all rebuilt from oreilly iwas working there at the time so i got a discount, i have my old lines at my house( nothing wrong just wanrtd all new) and would let you have them for cost of shipping if you decide you want to replace the systm that should save you a 100 bucks or so. i got all new so there just taking up space pm me and let me know something. you will probaly have to get a bracket for the new compressor it trades places with the ps pump.