Does anyone have this Exhaust (Classic Design Concepts)

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  1. (Scroll down for pictures)

    Here is the story:

    I just bought an '03 GT (DSG) and this is the exhaust that the previous owner put on the car. :D
    Here are my thoughts...
    Pro's: I haven't seen any other mustang's with this exhaust
    I like the way they look.
    I like the sound (Dynomax mufflers)
    Con's: They probably cost horsepower (my daily driver is a 90 hp ranger... so it still seems very fast!)
    They are so low I don't want to lower the car with them on.

    Here are my questions.

    Should I ditch this exhaust and the side skirts? :shrug: :notnice: :nice:

    Should I try to keep the exhaust and weld in different mufflers (I believe Borla makes a side exit muffler) so I can keep the skirts and make it louder? :shrug:

    Would an offroad mid pipe be a waste with this setup?

    Let me know your thoughts,

    P.S. I will try to get some pic's up of my car tomorrow.
  2. wow thats not cheap...
    I thought my side exhaust were expensive...($800+)
  3. the HP loss is slightly less than the Roush kit with (spinteks I believe)... you're looking at around 5 hp loss. IMO I'd keep it and be differen't ;)
  4. o/r would def make your car louder if it has the stock 4 cat hpipe.
  5. I dont even think you will loose 5HP at your currect level over a normal catback. MAYBE 2-3HP at best, but dynomax are about as good as it magnaflows, they are wide open I believe. (although I could be wrong)

    Id keep it, NOONE has a setup like that.....its pretty rare. :nice:
  6. i've seen one of them on FF&MM looong time ago. i think it was on blown mach or something. I think it lookmpretty cool if u ask me. I'd keep i t
  7. Thanks everyone. That was the way I was leaning anyway. I will look into an o/r midpipe to wake it up a bit. :SNSign: :hail2:

    What do you think about lowering the car? The skirts come down quite a bit on the sides. Do you think they will scrape a bunch with C-springs (or similar)?

  8. Here are the pictures!!

    The more I live with this exhaust the more I like it. I had my wife follow me and listen to a couple of good launches... she likes it too!!!:hail2:

    Let me know what you think,


    Now for some 10.5 deep dish bullitts and 335 rears... or an mgw shifter... or the mongoose vortech... what to do, what to do!

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  9. 1st thing to do is LOWER IT!!
  10. What about scraping? These side skirts hang down low... we haven't had any trouble stock height but I worry about lowering it.

    My wife drives this car daily and I don't want to make it a pain for her. Let me know what you think!!


  11. just go for some FRPP C springs or Roush springs. It will give it a lower, more aggressive stance w/o slamming it and causing scraping issues. :nice:
  12. Low? Mine is 3" lower then your setup, and i don't scrape with 2" drop. For daily driver, i think FRPP C spring is good drop(1.2" i think?), and cheap enough($119 i've seen).
  13. Mitty:

    My wife has a bad back and I don't want to modify the suspension at the expense of the good ride. This car was purchased based (not soley on) the good ride. I am realy impressed how comfortable it is.

    Do you have any experience riding in a "C-springed" car? If so what is it like?
    Maybe I should do c-springs and bilstiens?

  14. Ya. Guy i knew had C spring with Bilstein, and rode better then stocker did. No joke. Stock spring is fixed rate spring. And i think C are progressive(correct me if I'm wrong). there are plenty of people here that ride on C-spring. u should be able to get more direct feed back then i can give you, and also see how low it gets with it

    Stock shocks, i think is little too soft for stock springs. There for spring is observing shock as you drive more then shocks do.
    I remenber when i had stock shocks on my car with stock spring, it used to jerk my rearend all over the place everytime i drove over road joint. And car had less then 25000 miles onit. Shocks were nto blown. I used to tell people that it ride like F150 with no load on its back

    But after i changed shock and spring, it now ride more like expedition with no load.
  15. Im new to this forum and I was looking all over the web for that same side exhaust u have on your car what is it called and where can I find it any help is appreciated