Does anyone know what this is - oil manifold?

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  1. If you dont know what it is why do you want it??
  2. It is an adaptor that is on all 5.0 explorers, I have one in my garage, I haven't looked at it closely but I don't think it would work on our cars.
  3. Its an oil cooler
  4. Well I don't necessarily want IT, but I do want an oil cooler. Regarding this item in particular I was just curious is all since I didn't really recognize it. If it turned out to be an oil cooler I was going to look into it further.

    Thanks to twolo4u2c2 for the answer to the question.

    Those coolant intakes are HUGE for an oil cooler. Much different from the SSP liquid to liquid cooler.
  5. i have one in my mark viii. the tubes are huge, because thats just where the hoses from the rad. enter the engine. i dont really see a benifit since the coolant will be so hot also. also.... just wait till the gasket in it goes, and you think you blew a head gasket because of coolant in the oil/vise versa..
  6. always will-ing to help.....:nice:
  7. nice another mustang/mark viii owner. what year is your mark? yeah the hoses are huge.
  8. I owned a Mark 8 as well.

    Click on my CUstom Title to see what happened to it :)
  9. i have a 95, a 94, and a what you got? you a member of lvc?

  10. and hahaha.
  11. hahaha i currently have a 96, sold the 93. i love the car. its amazing the resale is so low on such a great car. pain in the a$$ to work on, but it pays off. it has to be the hardest car to do a engine swap as well.
  12. yea, it hs to come out the bottom on those. i have heard of pullin em out the top, but extremely hard. it was easier to pull the motor in my stang then it was to replace the rack+lines on my mark... no lie.. i also love how you have to lay under the car and fight the coolant hoses while you get pissed on with coolant, when all your trying to do is replace the thermostat, which happens to cost $28 at napa. and on top of it its 15* outside.:mad: