does anyone own the SCT tuner from ModularDepot???

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    Im buying A tuner at the end of this next week. Just wanting to make sure...

    Are there any opinions on this vs. the Superchips tuner 1725?

    Also, has anyone done business or ordered a chip or tuner from them?

    Apparently the first shipment of the Diablo Predators for the 2v will delivered by Elvis riding on a Unicorn. :nonono:
  2. hope I caught you, PM me. I have experience with MD
  3. get the Xcal2 from MD. Not that one you linked to. It is worth the price.
  4. little late there..........................................

  5. I was one of the first who bought an xcal2 from Modular Depot. The tune was pretty good from 2500 RPM to redline (12.8:1 A/F ratio). From idle to to 2000 RPM, they added too much timing it pinged.

    They didn't answer any of my emails after I got the unit. I had to call them and request my xtr files. I got [email protected] from the SCT forums to change my timing from idle to 2000 RPM to stock settings. Ryan also converted my xtr files to a ll3 files (adds user adjustability). Now my tune is perfect.
  6. I have dealt with MD before and would again!
  7. They are a great bunch of guys ....

    Another vote for the X-cal.
  8. I would make a bet that he already bought it back in 04..
  9. I would never buy another Tuner from MD. Not only does my ride ping bad now with their tune but they did not answer any of my questions and took away my right to post in their forums without saying one word to me.

    I reported my experience with MD to SCT.

    I'm not flamming them, I'm sure they are great in other areas. Just not mail order tunes or customer service.
  10. he doesnt even have a GT anymore...
  11. When I orederd mine from them it almost a month to get. It was worth it. Made a huge difference from 2000rpms to redline. Cars runs a heck of lot smoother.
  12. I tried to buy a tuner from them. I'm in Cincinnati where they are and ordered a tuner that 5 weeks later I never got. When I called to cancel the order it miracleously was at the back door waiting to be picked up by UPS. I canceleled anyway, mainly because I had a spun bearing and could spend the money on other things. But to be honest probably would have cancelled anyway. I called three times to inquire about my order and sent numerous emails and posted on thier forum. I think by personal experience they suck.
  13. I got mine from MT because they have a HELL of a deal on Gears/Royal Purple/SCT2. I saved near $70 on the tuner and I'm going to have Tim re-tune it when I get the mongoose kit. They knock money off the kit if you have your own SCT2. You can send it to them and they re-burn a tune in it for you. Food for thought.
  14. Just got my tune back from Ryan @ SCT. My car runs strong and no more pinging. Thank you Ryan!

    Does it matter where you buy the tuner from? MPH doesnt want my money. I emailed them a few times, posted on their forums and 3 weeks later still no contact.

    MT has the tuner for $379 plus a free data cable, not to mention the stangnet discount code :).
  16. Darn you just missed him by 2 YEARS
  17. Yes. Your vendor is your first line of support. If you can't get help from your vendor, then you go to forums and hope and pray they have time for you. Since the prices are about the same, see which vendor is most responsive to your questions. I would recommend Justin at
  18. anyone buy the sct 2 from tim and modular powerhouse?