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  1. just wondering if anyone looks in here. we should start a secret underground stangnet forum here
  2. Peek A Boo
  3. wurd im down. we can be called ....... any suggestions?
  4. lol, this is funny. so far we got a population of 3 in this forum
  5. hehe...I know the deal...eeexcellent ;)
  6. OK we need a secret handshake!
  7. hmmmm, how do you shake hands over the internet :shrug:
  8. Yes......that is a very complex situation....the handshake just won't be feasible....Perhaps a codeword or secret logo? perhaps? :shrug: Can cool guys join too?......cause I am too cool. :rlaugh:
  9. yea man, the more the merrier(sp?) who can think of a codeword/logo/handshake?
  10. The Secret Underground Stangnet Forum!! (yes it's original I know) ;)


    Wait! Are girls even allowed in here or is this a 'boys only' club??
  11. Yeah, but S.U.F.S just doesn't sound right, doesn't exactly roll off your tongue ya know? lol How about
    "The Enlightened Stangnet Track Terrors?" (T.E.S.T.T) :rlaugh:
    p.s. as far as I'm concerned, girls are always sausage party for me :D
  12. can i join? please please
  13. do I get posts in here?