Does fabric paint really work?

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  1. Well, I was getting some things at Autozone and saw some DupliColor Fabric and Vinyl paint. I couldn't help myself so I bought a can. Has anyone tried this out? I have blue interior and a black car, I wanted to make the interior black and gray. Does anyone know how this stuff holds up after time? I haven't gotten around to painting anything yet, just wanted to get some feedback before I start playing with it.
  2. A buddy of mine used it. For a while the color would bleed on his clothing, that stopped, then eventually the color began wearing off in the high wear spots and you could see the original color below.

    Looked real good for awhile though.
  3. i used some on my car i think it came out great i never had any wear off on me. i used that same brand. i used about 2 cans on each seat
    ive had my seats painted almost a year and i might need to do some touch up work on the driver seat. just clean the parts really good and let them air out and dry good and you should not have any problems. if you have any more questions let me know and i will try to help.
  4. maverick, red interior foxs are the best!
  5. I've used it on my Autometer Bi pod for my gauges and they turned out awsome looking :nice: I spent almost 50.00 in paint until I finnaly got it matched right. I tryed having it custom made but Dupont was so lost on my color code :scratch:
  6. Well, I started stripping all the plastic and vinyl parts out and prepping them for paint. I already painted the center console armrest and am happy with how it turned out so far, considering how bad it was before I am very impressed. Anyway, I have blue seats and carpet, I pull my rear seat and am going to experiment with the gray fabric paint and also going to pull my passenger seat and experiment with the carpet under it, if I screw up it's hidden under the seat. Any tips on spraying the carpet?
  7. for painting the carpet i would paint an area then let it dry then move the carpet around so you can get the paint into areas that did not get painted as well.