Does Ford think we're Stupid? 315 horse? what the hell!

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  1. I've seen the new body style, and I absolutely love it. I'm convinced it's going to be the longer lasting better selling body style over the camaro and challenger. The camaro interior is really aweful, and the challenger is way to heavy.

    Ford really had a hot thing going with that new body style. Hell, they even are offering real gear ratio's for once...which says they're listening to all of us for once.

    However, a 15 horsepower bump and the same old 4.6L motor?? WTF! Ford is still pushing this wortheless little 4.6L motor and they're obviously stuck with it.

    One of the things that made the old 5.0 so legendary was NEVER the styling of the fox was the legendary 5.0 motors. Hell, you could abuse the thing all day long, and throw performance parts at it and it would respond like a 12 year old boy after a 6 pack of monster drinks.

    This bodystyle?? We'll be left with an amazing body and interior that will last the ages, and a powertrain not worth recycled piss. The chevy guys will have a field day in ten years throwing LSx motors into it.

    I just don't get it. the New modular motor has proven to be an absolute turd for any bolt ons other than power adders. Ford has proven they can't wring any more HP out of these tired motors...(look at the trucks...the f150 also got a 15 HP bump to 315, while chevy and dodge and toyota are north of 380-400 horse)...

    So who will get my money in the end?? I don't know. I'm as hard core mustang lover as they come. I've got a 66, a modified 86, and the rest of my family has mustangs too, an 86 ssp, an 86 ttop, a 99 bullit, 96 v6, 91 4 banger vert...etc etc. I really miss the old days of bolt on fun...and THATS what makes it worth it to me.

    If used prices are affordable in 5-7 years, I'll be taking a long look at the camaro's.
  2. The thing is the 4.6 is an extremely reliable engine and now they just announced you can buy the 2010 gt with a factory option FRPP blower that will up the hp to your choice of 400 or 500hp.
  3. that much is good news.

    Is there an official announcement regarding official powertrain offerings? I was unable to find one.

    If i'm able to custom order my hp level at a price that would keep me on par with the competition, i'm a happy camper.
  4. I'm going to make a guess it would be a $3,000 option for the 400hp and $5,000 option for the 500hp (the price is my guess and has not been announced by ford yet). More information on it for you guys
  5. v8only, just how fast do you think a new musclecar should be. 05-09's with the "worthless little 4.6L" run mid 13's in the 1/4 mile bone stock and the '10's with the 3.73 axle package should be good for low 13's in the 1/4 mile bone stock. Dude, that's fast for mass produced entry level V8 that gets reasonable fuel economy & seats 4.

    My "worthless little 4.6L" is only good for low 12's in the 1/4 mile and I'm ashamed of its pitiful performance after reading your post. I am embarrassed to tell you about its paltry existence. I'll be sure to post again when I have a Mustang with a monster cube engine under the hood thumping out 1,000 hp to please you.

    Back to reality, though. 315hp may not sound like much to you, but Ford is delivering a damn good performer that does many things well and looks great doing it. 315hp is way more performance than most drivers need or can handle. Sure, 400+ hp in a Camaro or Challenger/Charger sound impressive, but focus more on the power to weight ratio and you'll realize that Ford is doing wonderful things for the Mustang faithful in an era when performance cars are soon to be a dying breed.
  6. Back in the day even the best factory muscle cars could only run the low 14s high 13s if lucky.
  7. **** ford, I am just very disappointed with 15 hp increase. Hell my 02 with some mod can smoke that car.

    What is the fu**ing big deal to give us 400hp ? 03-04 cobra got it and even now after 5 years they still can only make 315 hp out of there heads and cam. Ford need to get with aftermarket cams and head company so they can produce more power out of factory car, hell my 02 mustang gt gain 35rwhp out of comp cams XE270AH.

    I have always been a mad mustang fan but ford is just letting all us down. 2010 mustang cannot even out run camaro or ws6 what was build a long long time ago.
  8. Very compelling speech....and I'm sure you worked on it a while before posting, but you do realize that mod for mod, that "worthless little 4.6L motor" would gang rape that old SEFI 5.0L of the Fox era, right....hell, its making as much power now in factory trim as some of the big blocks of yore.....and all while knocking down twice the gas mileage and putting out half the emissions! The only reason the 5.0L OHV responded so well to big ticket mods (heads, intake, exhaust) back then was because the factory pieces were so pathetically restrictive by comparison to what the aftermarket was offering, that all horsepower could do as a rusult was go up. :shrug:
  9. I'm sorry if I offended anyone who owns a late model modular motor.

    The bottom line is ford has hit the end of the line with these modular motors. They've hit a brick wall and can no longer wring any n/a benefits from the modular motor.

    Don't be so quick to trash the old 5.0.

    Ford put out a version of the 5.0 from 1996-2001 that came with cast iron heads and an old fashioned pushrod cam/lifter combo. It came in the explorer.

    I've got one of those motors, retrofitted with a Stock HO roller cam that's 22 years old and I'm putting out damned near 300 horse at the flywheel. This is exactly what your beloved 05 is putting out. My poor little fox with what is essentially a factory stock longblock that has it's dating back to the 60's is putting out the exact same horsepower that they're beloved high tech modular motor is putting out 50 years later.

    Not impressed whatsoever. I'm not the only one. The EFI on the 5.0 was introduced in 1986 for Mustangs. 1987 was considered the "phenomenon" officially speaking.

    For comparison's sake the 4.6 was introduced in mustangs by 1996 (several years earlier for other ford offerings)....

    now let's compare. the 4.6L motor has been offered in mustangs for 12 years now. If you go back to 1987, the start of the 5.0 efi roller motor legend, and add 12 years to that, you've got 1999. How many bolt on screaming 5.0's did we have then? they were absolutely everywhere.

    12 years later, the 4.6 modular motor barely has any offerings for n/a bolt ons that see real world increases at REAL world prices. Sadly, the best way to wring any power out of them at an affordable price is to add boost. Unfortunately, that's just not for everyone. This is EXACTLY why if you compare the amount of modded 5.0's we had in the 90's compared to equivelant modded modular mustangs we have now, it just doesn't compare. You just can't do that stuff with a modular motor.

    While the benefits in chassis design, and interior design have made the mustang a true world car now worthy of owning, I reiterate that the power plant leaves little to desire and is not capable of making any more power at any reasonable cost than it's 50 year old pushrod motor cousin.

    How much power do I want?? It's 2008, you better ****ing believe I want a piece of that 400 horsepower action, sadly Ford is the only one who can't deliver.
    My .02
  10. well damn........
  11. Its not a matter of offending anyone with a Modular Engine, it's that you seem ignorant to the advancements in technology Ford has made with these engines.

    I think you're mixing your facts up a little, so feel free to listen. Ford hasn't hit a wall with the 4.6L. It currently bests the most powerful production N/A 302 HO (found in the ‘1994 SVT Cobra) by a whopping 45hp....all while offering better fuel economy, reliabily, reduced emissions in a lower maintenance package. And that's just the base '05-up GT!!! The car runs mid-13’s right off the showroom floor which is a good ½ - ¾ of a second quicker than the previously mentioned 5.0L powered Fox Body or SN95 Mustang and on top of it all, it does so while hauling around a couple hundred extra pounds of heft by comparison.

    There have been several models introduced in the last couple of years by Ford, Saleen, Steeda, etc that have put out 400fwhp while still maintaining perfect road manners, stout reliability and knocking down decent mileage to boot. That's more than any 5.0L owner could ever hope for!

    Sure, one might be able to put together a 302 OHV with aftermarket parts that might match those horsepower figures, but I've not seen one yet that would come close to matching any of the other above mentioned benefits offered by the OHC. And at that point you've had to replace everything but the block in order to just match the power output.

    The OHV 302 has been around for over 40-years and it never made 400fwhp in any I'd say considering the fairly short existence the 2V/3V/4V OHC engines have been in production, they're doing quite well by comparison.

    I'm sorry you're still not over the fact that the 302 OHV is dead and buried, never to return, but you really need to get over it. It was a great little engine for its time, but times have changed and the 302 OHV had ran its course. The new breed of mod motors may have their flaws, but they're still light years ahead of their predecessors from every technical standpoint.

    Getting back to the car itself....Ford has often made it a habit of introducing a new body style, with an old power plant. They did it in the mid-80's with the introduction to the fuel injected Fox body, they did it in 1994 with the introduction of the SN95 body style and they did it again when they made the move to modular engines in the Mustang. This is par for the course....but who cares. The Mustang has always killed the competition on sales, so what difference does it make. You wanna go faster now, buy a faster car, or wait a year or two into the new design until Ford turns up the wick like they always do? :shrug:
  12. V8only don't worry about this fools , if they are happy with 300hp then they can go fu** them self.
    Even a hyundai V6 got 300 hp and V8 got 365hp. And their v8 is 4.6l

    Here is the link

    2009 Hyundai Genesis - Specs, Photos, Pricing

    SO tell me how the **** ford can only make 315hp out of V8 mustang :shrug:
  13. If you've got a different point of view, then by all means feel free to state it, but keep the insulting remarks and the attitude in check, or I'll be forced to send you on a little holiday! :nonono:
  14. Did I hurt your canadian feelings ? hehe . I got msg from stangnet saying I should watch what I say.

    Please bro don't act like a little kid and complain that I said f-them , you know and I know that we are not happy with there new cold air hp :notnice:. All I say is " If some one is happy with 315 hp then it just them "

    There were other people who post here and I just didn't said to **** your self.:canada:
  15. I'm definetly not stuck in the past.

    Nor will I say that the old 5.0 bests many of todays motors.

    my main point was that I'm pushing 300 horsepower from a factory 5.0 longblock.

    Setting aside the 5.0 stuff, I'd expect the newer motor to be more powerful (which it's really not if you compare a gt40p longblock)....

    however my main comparison is between the offering from GM and Dodge.

    I've got an 03 5.7 hemi pushing 345 horsepower. Now, before anyone starts pushing displacement bs, keep in mind ford's 5.4L can't do better in 2009 then 315 horse. Add to that, and Dodges 5.7 hemi in 09 is now making 390 horse. Chevy has similar #'s out of their 6.0L engine, and toyota has similar #'s out of their 5.7 v8.

    The other guy brought up a good point. Most self respecting imports are now pushing 300 horse. LOL, look at the new accord coupe, the 350z, hell nissan's entire lineup with that v6 is pushing almost 300 horse.

    You guys can be happy with your paltry 315 horsepower, but deep down inside, we all wanted that 5.0 stroker 400 horse n/a motor. WE ALL WANTED A CHANGE. The 4.6 is old hat now, and it has no place belonging in a 2010 mustang. Such as the 5.0 never belonged in the 94/95...the 4.6 has had it's time and can no longer keep up with today's offerings.

    As for bolt on power 5.0 vs 4.6, as I Mentioned, the 5.0 is old tech now. However, even Dodge has a set of aftermarket heads now for the 5.7 hemi, as well as intake selections, and massive cam offerings. That's Dodge, lol. Dodge guys never get the love!!!! Wanna make power?? Lol grab a 6.0 chevy and hit the catalog. 380-390 horse to start with (truck motors)....You're at a disadvantage with that weezing 4.6 right out of the gates. We're adding superchargers just to get up to the rating that GM and Mopar have from the getgo.

    It shows too. I work for a large company that has all truck offerings from the big three. CHevy, Dodge, and Ford. The f150's are laughed at for their engines (but loved for their superior suspension)...while everyone flocks to the Hemi's. That damn hemi will light up the tires on a heavy ass 2500, while my poor 5.4L Ford f150 motor just makes a lot of noise and does little else.
  16. Continue with the attitude and I'll send you another one, along with some time off to go with it!

    Whether you're happy or not with Fords current horsepower output is not the issue here. Your lack of respect towards members of the site whose opinion would differ from your own stow that patronizing attitude of yours!

    It doesn’t matter which of us you were referring to when you made the comment. The fact that you did was more than enough. Having the audacity to chastise anyone replying to the subject whose opinion may not match your own only makes it all the more offensive. The point is, is that you need to play nice, or don’t play at all. That means you need to keep the :bs: and personal attacks out of the thread and stick to the fact of the matter.

    I hope for your sake this is clear!

    ....only comments pertaining to the subject matter from here on out if you please. :)
  17. Look, I don't disagree with you that horsepower offerings from the current crop are shall we say "lacking" in comparison to some of the others out there. But don't confuse Fords choice to limit horsepower with an inability to produce it. The 2010 Mustang will see 315hp only because that is what marketing reps with Ford have chosen to saddle it with. The current modular line up is capable of far more in both N/A and Power adder form, so the reference about them being at their limit is simply untrue.

    Take GM's LS1 engine for example. We all know from experience that the previous LS1 platforms were more than capable or reaching the same 400hp figure that the new LS2 engines do, all while maintain great street ability and fuel economy.....but how impressive would the new LS2 have seemed if GM chose to bump the power of the LS1 in the previous line, just before replacing it with the new mill?

    Trust me....the decision to keep horsepower on the conservative side is nothing more than a marketing ploy put forth by Ford executives in order to make the new, upcoming engines seem that much more impressive. This is a move that’s worked for them in the past. Besides...we all know horsepower isn't the deciding factor in what makes the car sell anyway. If that were the case, the Camaro wouldn't have disappeared in 2002 to begin with.
  18. indeed, the old camaro.

    They tried to completely undo us with the impressive horsepower ratings. In the end Ford clearly won. Read any articles from that time period, and they all refer to the camaro as a horse power laden unsophisticated brute. Too much Raw horsepower without the sophistication scared people away.

    Ford is genious when it comes to marketing. Indeed the new mustang is hitting low 13's by now stock. Not slow by anyones measure. Of course not faster than the rest of the pack too.

    Chevy has got to be real careful. They could scare everyone away with 425 horse. Remember, what percentage of the people buying these cars are hardcore to the max like many of us??

    Many people buying these muscle cars will never add so much as a k&n filter, and for this, the camaro may once again be too much to handle. We'll see. I truly wish the camaro and challenger the best of luck, as with oil and the world, we will likely never again see horsepower wars with raw v8 internal combustion again at all, period. So let's enjoy it while it's here.

    My only hope is that the supercharger offerings from ford will be comparible in cost to what the v8 offerings from challenger and camaro.

    At the very least, I hope they shove the same short block into all of them, so we can boost the hell out of them at home without worry of blowing our bottom end.

    With confidence, I can say (if ford pulls out of their financial issues) that in the long run, with certainty, the only one of the three that will survive the ages to continue on indefinetly is the mustang....and for that, we have already won.
  19. There still is room to grow in the 4.6. I have HItech stage II cams that I'm going to be putting in my 01 GT. These cams should put me over 300rwhp (370 crank) with little to no lose in low end tq. Doing this will be alot cheaper then going F/I. Ford could easily get 350 N/A out of the 4.6. The road block is around 400 n/a.
  20. I think all of you have missed the point that Ford isn't bringing new engine packages until 2011.. Why is everyone so bent on the 15hp increase?? i didn't expect any increase until closer to 2011 when the new packages are rumored to be coming to the mustang...

    You sir are an ass.