Does Ford think we're Stupid? 315 horse? what the hell!

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  1. Panties in a wad much? :shrug:

    I wish I had a crystal ball like you do that I could predict that thrashing GM is going to give Ford. You know....because they've been doing a bang up job of is so far. And a Camaro being a world class performer?!?'re too much. :rlaugh:

    You need to take a deep breath and see how it all turns out. You getting worked up over something that hasn't even hit the production line yet is going to give you a stroke! ;)
  2. "magazine racers" :nonono:
  3. I'm getting worked up over a complete and utter lack of power, damned straight.

    I don't want a weak motor that can't put out any more power than my cast iron headed 5.0 explorer motor.

    the new bodies are the best looking for ford, but imo it's looking like they'll make a damned good LS motor swap platform.

    Wonder if I could order up a 2010 mustang with no drivetrain then have it sent to chevy to have the mechanicals built the proper way.
  4. Yes, because putting the powertrain ahead of the rest of the car worked so well for the previous generation F-Bodies. :rolleyes:
  5. oh you mean the cars that they had to stop making because nobody wanted to buy them as much as the mustang?

    b b but the new camaro is going to weigh two tons and have 100 more hp and cost more than the mustang.

    its a hell of a lot easier to add power than subtract weight.

  6. Yup....I mean what's the sense of boasting about 425+hp under the hood of the new Camaro when the guy in the Mustang is running nearly door to door with you in his lowly 315hp 4.6L GT.

    If I were GM, I'd be the ones embarrassed for putting out a 425hp car that won’t break out of the 13's, not bragging about it. :shrug:

    Hell, my Cougar weighs more (about 4,000lbs) and makes less power and even it runs 12’s all day long through an automatic transmission and IRS rear end. :rlaugh:
  7. happy new year all

    you guys are ****ing idiots

    it's not 1996 all over again,

    the camaro is now a world class platform derived from the holden folks...the same guys who built the (ugly) but awesome gto platform...

    and the camaro isn't any heavier than the 2010 mustang

    3600/3700 pounds

    Ford lost it's ass bad on this one.

    I've been the most hardcore ford supporter you've ever seen...YOu should see the stable of cars I have.....(nearly all fords)

    first time in my life I'm embarrassed, and will make no excuses for the new model.

    Watch when motor trend and the others start dogging on the 2010's gonna be a ****ing joke.
  8. :nono:
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  9. lol, is that all you've got??
  10. how do you figure the camaro is no heavier than the 2010 stang? the stang only picked up an additional 15 pounds over the current model.

  11. Maybe a two week ban is what you were looking for.
  12. oh and there is this:

    Base curb weight range: 3741 pounds (LT manual), 3913 (SS automatic)

    so the big daddy 425hp v8 equipped SS is in the 3900+ range like i said. so is the V6 the world class performer? LOL

    i know this because i liked the car until i found out it was a porker.
  13. this just in from the Update News Desk...since 1967 the Camaro has always been available with more horsepower than the Mustang... ;)

    and with very few exceptions the Mustang has always outsold the Camaro (and IMHO the Mustang has always been a better rounded package)...

    so the fact that some people are surprised, or shocked, or whatever that GM has made a Camaro with more advertised horsepower is a little surprising to me, but whatever...some of us just want more than a big HP number in a brochure (and frankly it doesn't really matter to me, I still prefer the 'under powered' 1999-2004 Mustang anyway)

    and I find this kinda funny...Google's spell check wants to change Camaro to Camry :rlaugh:
  14. A few of you are absolutley correct. I've seen stock GT's run stock GTO's, Challengers, and Chargers and the stang wins every time. All of the cars I mentioned are way heavier cars than the stang. I agree with that one dude - its easier to add power than to shed weight.
  15. I know several guys that are getting over 700 RHP out of the 4.6's and driving them on the street with no prob lems, it is in my opinion a better motor than the 5.0.if you think the Camaros are so great get one I don't think any one on this site cares.
  16. I'm a bit skeptical about the power to weight ratio issue. Keep in mind the last time the Mustang and Camaro co-existed (the early 2000s) the Mustang was lighter than the Camaro was still bested by the F-body in terms of straight-line performance. It took the '03-'04 Cobras to finally beat the Camaro, and IMO the Cobra is priced just slightly above the Average Joe's pocketbook.
  17. After a 2 week hiatus in ban-land, I figured I'd send another bump on this thread to explain, if nothing else my actions. The reality of the situation was pretty was New Years eve, and I had slightly more to drink than I would have normally, and I was up for some late night posting. I apparently got into a pissing match with a moderator, and chose the wrong color metaphors to explain myself. To the extent of my tasteless mode of expression, I offer a sincer apology.

    Now, to move on from that I offer to anyone to search my username v8only here, and on stangnet, on foureyedpride, corral,any major board. My seemingly troll-like actions should clear themselves. I'm hardcore tech, and post 99.9% of the time on tech boards with 100% drama-free advice.

    I've owned fox mustangs now for nearly 20 years in one form or the other, and have been hardcore into the scene now for about 10ish.

    I have an apparent and strong dis-taste for Modular motors, and everyone who knows me is fully aware of this. My reason is simple: They're slow and not easily modifyable. To those who have an 05+ and have tuned it for low 13's, I'm happy for you. Even high 12's, good for you. That is, however not fast. To that extent, it's apparent many here have never had a vehicle that was fast. For many, low 13's is fast enough, and if that was the case, i'd be driving an 05+ model right now. I am the very type who likes to tinker on cars. There is nothing more fun for me than picking up a new n/a part now and then as funds come up. A new set of heads here, a new intake there, a $150 cam here...etc etc. I watch my motor grow, and gain experience too.

    This is not the case with the modular motors. If you want to upgrade the cams, have a $1000 cam package for a 4v motor. LOL.

    That's it folks. It's not that a modular motor can't be built fast, it's just that they can't be built cheap, nor easily. The modular motors are a lineup of engines that can be tuned and finely adjusted to perform the best, as per your low 13 and hi 12 second times. Anything beyond that though, is not within the capability of budget of any of us normal folk.

    that's it folks. That's where I come from. Modular motors are for some, but for my purposes, and what I like to do with cars, they're wortheless to me.
  18. No worries. I don't hold "internet grudges."

    As for the rest of your post...... different strokes. The modulars have their place. It's right behind my fender :lol:
  19. I WILL....ram you with my Cougar. :fuss:

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