Does Ford think we're Stupid? 315 horse? what the hell!

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  1. v8only, I once disliked the modular motors. my user name (Five Oh Brian) stems from my long standing admiration for 5.0L V8's. I've owned a couple 5.0L's, a couple Fox Body Mustangs, 5.0L T-birds, and I'm old enough to have grown up with carburetors and points-type distributors. I was over 20 when the first fuelie 5.0L Mustang came around.

    Now, having explained my user name and fondness for 5.0L Ford V8's (and Windsors, in general - I've owned 351's, as well), I have to confess that I now prefer modulars. I've owned at least one each of the 4.6L 2V, 3V, and 4V's. You are absolutely correct that it takes more money to mod a modular motor than it does an OHV Windsor motor, especially the 4V motors. However, cheaper and more plentiful mods for modulars are arriving regularly and there are plenty running 11's, and some 10's out there without cashing in your life's savings.

    I've owned 11 second cars before, but my goal with my daily driver 07 GT automatic was low 12's at 110+ in the 1/4 mile. I easily met that goal with a very basic, non-intercooled blower and am basically done modding since it's a daily driver. Low 12's in a daily driver is plenty. If it were a track only car, a simple blower pulley change and an intercooler and it would be an easy 11 second ride, and that's in a car that is full-weight, fully equipped, 100% stock suspension, 100% stock exhaust, and comfortable on long trips. There's no shame in liking the current Mustangs and their mod motors, my friend. Perhaps someday you'll warm up to them. It took me quite a few years, but I finally got there. I guess I need a new user name now.
  2. I had an interesting and quite fusterating night at the track tonight.

    I ran for the first time ever with sticky tires.

    couldn't muster anything better than an 8.6 in the eigth at 78mph. I was blown away fusterated. I finally found my culprit...blown traction lock causing me to spin all the way through first. (I should be doing mid to high 8's in the 1/8........oh, best 60' 2.5

    I'm beginning to hate racing at the only shows me my broken crap, and where I need to spend more money.

    anyhow, I had a more interesting point. I met up with a buddy who has a 98 gt. he's got 4.10 gears, pi swap cams (but not the pi swap heads) and other full bolt ons.

    He pulled a 78 mph in the 1/8 Identical to my mph with my gt40p engine. I was slightly impressed that he was able to match my mph.

    I also drooled over the stock gto's that were all doing mid 8's and some of the other cars. I think I'm nearly done with fox's for a while....too rickety and old...too loud. I want something newer with more sophistication. A modular motor may still find it's way home some day.
  3. Wow, that's a pretty extreme swing from your last post.

    A 2.5 60' is pretty terrible. It's even terrible given a bad trac-loc. Fortunately, replacing the clutches back there is cheap and doesn't require special tools. That S-spring in the back is a pain in the ass, though. What you need is a "Ford Mustang Differential Rebuild Kit" Google that and you'll come up with several different sites that you can purchase it from. It looks like it runs about a hundred bucks for everything. You can also stack the clutches a little differently, which will allow for a little less slip.

    I'm still curious, what brand and type of sticky tire were you using? What were the inflated pressures? What was your technique for burnout? With an open diff and a sticky tire, you should still see better 60' times.

  4. For comparison sake, I ran a string of 1.89-1.95 60ft times with 4,200lbs, an open diff, 3.27 gears and only one of my Mickey Thompson E/T Street Radials doing the work. :D

    Your tracks prep was either really horrible, or you shouldn't have had that extra large, caffeine enriched Mocha Late before going to the track. :eek:
  5. My money is staying in my wallet until the big bore OHC is released if it ever is..

    Yeah the 4.6 is a nice motor, yes it is more powerful than a 302 but it still has that tiny bore and tiny valves.. If they make a new motor that 4.6 with a much shorter stroke but a 4.00 or above bore I would be happy.. I am sick of the small bore, tiny valve modular..

    The BOSS engine ford already developed is a OHC motor similar to the modular except they fixed the design flaw of the tiny bore.

    WHERE IS THE BOSS!!!!!!!! I want the BOSS... no slightly warmed 4.6 3v...

    this is a huge mistake by ford not so much in the mustang but in the pickup.. now that the oil bubble burst those ford pickups with 70 less HP are going to look like crap compared to the engines dodge,chevy and toyota is putting out..

    :notnice: ford... way to go another bonehead move a few years from now when everybody realizes that high gas prices was a bubble much like house prices then ford is screwed.
  6. the magazine reviews are loving the new f150, as I do...but they're all wondering the same thing, and blasting the 4.6/5.4 at the same time> Ford's starting to get a lot of **** for their new engine lineup.

    I know bigger/better WAS in the works, but with the epa standards like they are, I'm worried they'll cancel all future v8 projects and concentrate soley on their 4/6 turbo charged ecoboost lineup.

    To de-rail us slightly....

    I'll admit I'm real green when it comes to racing..probably less than 20 passes ever to date. Last night was my first pass ever on sticky tires.

    Truthefully tires didn't hook the first time. They were brand new. I was still learning how to burn out. I'd nail the gas, and would hold the rpm's around 4-5k in first. Didn't get any smoke after 10 seconds or so so I quit.

    Not knowing where to start I brought the rpm's up to 5k and just hammered it. Spun all the way to my shift light.

    second pass was different. Crappy burnout again, but I launched at actually hooked that time, but bogged so bad I almost had to put the clutch in to keep it stalling.

    Third launch I was getting the hang of things. I did a fantastic smokey burnout (one wheel really)...then launched it higher around 4k to keep from bogging..but it spun all the way to the shift light again.

    mickey thompsons 26x10.5x15 on ten holes.

    and yes, adrenlin was pumping mad..

    Track is just so busy I just can't get enough passes in to practice.

    My bro, who has an identical combo to me, put out an 8.7 (or about a 13.5) the very first launch when he went out. Way to rub it in. My 9.6 is about a I was doing 15.0's with nearly 75 hp less and no gears on the old motor.

    It sucks, because what happens on the streets is not what happens on the track. When I'm out on the streets, no one can touch me. (not a huge fan of street racing, but will defend my position on occasion at the stop light) but when I get to the track....I'm the slowest turd...slower than other cars. Man I hate the track. All it does is show you where you need improvements, and where you've got to spend cash you don't have.

    Before I hang the hat on this 86 project, and I'm about to retire it...even if I've only put 3k on my new engine combo, I've got to get my 13 second pass first.

    My buddy has offered to help rebuild the trak lok.

    I'm wondering if I should just go invest in a gforce and find a deserted street. So cal has shut down all the tracks but two, and they're so damned crowded now, 5 hours gets me 3 runs :( I've always been a huge supporter of going to the track for racing..but southern cali seems to foster an envirornment for street racing, then complain when people do street race. when are they going to get it?! People want to race. They've torn down 3 tracks within the last 2-3 years all local to me and canceled the only new track that was supposed to go up.

    this leaves one eigth mile and one 1/4> the eigth runs nearly every thur, but is super crowded. the 1/4 runs only about once a month and is even worse.

    very fusterated. I fealt like I blew $20 only to get three passes in.
  7. thats one hell of a derail..

    Move out of cali problem solved.
  8. Sorry to hear about your tough day at the track. Racing is supposed to be fun, not work or trouble.

    I absolutely love the 4-eyed Fox Mustangs, and trust you'd keep your 86 GT even if you end up buying a mod-motored Mustang. I would have kept the 89 5.0L LX Mustang Sport I bought brand new in 1989 if I hadn't totalled it in a dumb high speed crash in 1994. I keep toying with getting another Fox 5.0L as a project car, but as you noted, it's old enough to where something is always wearing out and needing to be replaced or repaired.

    On a positive note, I was quite stoked on my last day at the track. 1/8 miles were 7.90's at just over 90 mph. Forced induction and mod motors make for a perfect match - perhaps you'll try it for yourself someday soon!
  9. Hello guys, it's me again.

    Just thought i'd poke my head in and deliver as promised. I had stated that I would have some new track vid of our new combo's here in GB. Well, the results are in.

    I ended up not stalling my car after all. I decided to add some spray to my ride. But, one of my close friends did do a stall. His car is the Orange SS in the video. It has an uncracked factory motor, gutted cats, computer tune, air lid, Yank 4K stall and M/T ET Streets.

    [email protected] best. Avg of [email protected] Stock motor, stock 3.23 gears, Automatic that weighs in at 3620lbs. Cutting 1.66 60's.

    Enter our '96 Mustang GT, Silver in color. This is a little project car I have been working on with one of my other racing friends. It's a '96 GT, 4.6 2v, PI headswap, stock PI cams, Longtubes, CAI, Tune, ORH and a Zex 125 Wet shot. Also has full rear suspension and welded in subframes. 3400 lbs with driver. (it's a base GT, crank windows, no power locks, no fog lights, cloth)

    He broke the LH axle and twisted the RH the following day. In process of upgrading to Moser's and matching Diff.

    [email protected] on juice
    [email protected] All motor

    And then there's my car. '00 Z28, TX Speed 224R cam, Gutted cats, Tune, Lid. 2.73's out back and stock stall. 3620 lbs race weight. I added NOS and 'Vette Y2K wheels in place of the stall, although in this vid I do not have the NOS installed yet. The Converter was axed in place of building a MPH car, as I tend to do, let's call it 'compteitive' driving at times, and we all know MPH is king on the street.

    [email protected]

    Last but not least, Ryan's '08 Viper. Stock

    [email protected] best pass

    View the HQ button in the bottom right.

    YouTube - Test And Tune, 3-20-09 S.R.C.A Drag strip

    And here's the vid of our 1st TNT. With the infamous 'Vette vs. Viper race.

    The stock C6 cranks out [email protected], and the viper had [email protected], but always slept at the tree. No times in this vid.

    YouTube - race 03 14 09
  10. whats with that viper? Was he having a smoke then was liek holy **** im in a race?
  11. Lol, it was his 1st time racing. He's only like 18 or 19, still did a good job ripping that 6-spd!
  12. ya i wish i could run an 11.8 at 122 lol, and iv never actually gone to the track yet so i guess i sholdnt be 1 to talk :p. Also what was up with the random drag car?
  13. It was a regular test and tune night, so you can line up and race a friend, or whoever is beside you in line at the time. Most of the time we don't race each other cept if we want to for a reason. You should go to the track a few times! It was his 1st time and he's went back ever since. Was a bundle of nerves the 1st time, but it's really fun! You get a slip on your car and can race your friends legally.
  14. Honestly none of my friends really have cars i could race, they all have beaters or imports that just dont cut it at a track. id be happy with low 14s if i went :p, 99 gt vert, with the mods i have in my sig.
  15. Im late on nthis post but what about ported heads and a ford hot rod cam ? for about 3k could'nt you add at least 50 to 70 hp with the right tune .