Does FOX catback fit?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by HDS, Nov 8, 2003.

  1. Hey guys would a Catback from a FOX fit one of our cars?

    How much fitting would it need?

  2. I know it isn't a direct replacement, but with a little welding and pipe making I am sure you could get it to fit. I doubt it will "bolt up".
  3. 96-98 cat backs fit dont they?
  4. I tried a 87-93 mac catback on my car. the hangers were too short at the muffler, so it pulled the pipe up into the floorpan of the trunk and leaked a little at the collector. im sure if i would have lowered it it would have cleared fine and sealed up. it also seemed like the hoop was in a little different place, so i dont know if it would hit the axle or not, but it will fit with some tweaking.
  5. I tried the bassani x off my fox on my 95 at first and it fit, but it fit kinda cockeyed, so I doubt a fox rear section would work. I wound up having to get another x that fit my year.
  6. my flowmaster catback (dumps) from my old 88 GT fit on my 95 GT

    i replaced the rubber hangers with new ones- much easier to cut the old one's off and put fresh ones in there

    they fit right it, no trouble

    i dont think the tails fit, but as far as the mufflers, and the stock H-pipe connectors (inlets) and stock hangers- they fit
  7. Anybody has more input on the subject? I found a Magnaflow Catback
    for a great price. But it's a FOX body...