SN95 Does No One Make Replacement Seat Belts For 94/95s?

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  1. I see kits to replace worn belts for the foxes but once again there's a part shortage for the 2 year run step kids it seems. C'mon latemodel work your magic
  2. Ran into this issue with the BMW. The seat belts were too worn to pass race tech. The most affordable option is to send the oem seat belts in and have them rebuild. There are companies that do this. They replace the belt itself, and fix the inertia reel. We do this with airplanes all the time.

  3. What do you do for belts that won't lock anymore?

    My belts don't seem to catch anymore. I've tested it out by slamming on the brakes and pulling but never get them to click locked.
  4. You send them out to a seatbelt rebuilder. They fix the inertia reel.

  5. Is there a reason to think that later year seat belts won't work?
  6. I wonder??? Latemodel has like 88-93 and then belts for 04+ I believe
  7. New belt and inertia reel repair for $59. Done in America. God knows where that LRS seatbelt comes from. Are you really going to trust your face to a Chinese seat belt?

  8. Ah good find Kurt.
    Ps: we trust our ass to Chinese brake rotors
  9. Another good point. I always get brake rotors not made in China.

  10. There's no more rotors made in North America. Some are "finished" here but no foundries here anymore
  11. Latest claim is they do not repair any seat belts older 1996..
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  13. Which brings us back to the original issue. If your retractor on your seat belt is non functional what choices do we have to either fix, replace or adapt another years seat belt?
  14. Ratchet straps?? Yeah I dunno, my retractor works my belt was just chewed by rats...
  15. I believe I'm going to go to the wrecking yard to see if I can find one that hasn't been chewed. If I do I'm going to dye it w Rit Dye
  16. A quick ebay search for "mustang seat belts", then filter by year 94/95 on the check box on the left yields quite a few results.
    It also groups the 96-98 belts with them, which i figured were probably the same.
  17. . No luck for me no LH front belt
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  18. Okay latest update with on going saga with finding a solution to our seat belt issue. After spending quality time talking with Ford on a call early this morning we have very few options open to us.

    Option 1: Remove the lead weight ballast that engages the ratch gear lock in the the retactor ( I will post a picture of this part later). This basically removes the locking function of the retractor. Now in my case, since its the lower rectractor, its not such a big deal. But if its the upper one, you will basically run the risk of face planting the windshield/dash if the air bag does not deploy.

    Option 2: Junk yard run. Again your mileage will vary. It might work for 15 more years or fail in 3 weeks.

    Option 3: Adapt a seat belt from a later model year (ie 2002). This might be the path to have functioning seat belts that do what we would expect.

    Option 4: Install aftermarket seats and seat belts like racing seats and 5 point harnesses

    Basically it comes down to the fact that unlike a lot of parts for our model that the aftermarket picks up, seat belts were not one of them. Part of the reason is that there may be legal issues over any manufacturer providing such replacement parts. The other is most people I guess go with replacing both the seats and the seat belts to customize their cars.

    It was an interesting call. I was left with this piece of advice from the engineer. If you are going to hold onto a car long term, think about picking up parts like seat belts and air bag clock springs before the car passes the 10 year mark. After that car companies are not responsible for stocking parts they rely on the aftermarket to keep the cars on the roads.

  19. Im in the same position. Need two new belts for mine. They are frayed and they no longer lock or retract properly. Ive been looking at making these work since I have racing seats but no rollbar.

    That or I will install a 6 pt and get harnesses. Much more costly though
  20. I know there aren't many options for belts but a harness seems like it'd be terrible for anything other than track use. "Lemme get all strapped in so I can go grab a coke right quick."