Exhaust Does The 1995 Cobra Have Different Headers?

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  1. Does 95' Cobra have headers better then the GT or the same or completely different because different heads?

    I am trying to get RID of the BBK longtubes that are installed because of several annoying reasons that come with LTs... anyways... answers?? thanks =)

    and for an opinion question *Im sure there are LOTS of debates and threads out there*
    I am just wanting to restore the car to factory conditions I don't care much about performance or being better then out of the factory specs.. What headers should I buy?
  2. I beleive the factory Cobra headers are the same as th GT. Unlinke the modular engines (2V vs. 4V), the exhaust port locations are the same between the E7 and iron GT40 heads, and I don’t think Ford did anything special with the headers or H-pipe.

    If you’re going to do a factory correct style restoration or back-to-stock conversion, you’ll want a set of the graphite header gaskets. Ford racing sells them for around $16. That’s what my Cobra had on it when I removed the factory exhaust. (Those gaskets are a huge pain to scrape off!)

    I installed ceramic coated BBK unequal shorty headers. I went with those based on the PITA experiences that I had with Hooker super comp long tubes on my big block car. I’ve been pretty happy with the BBK shorties, but there are some factors to take into consideration regarding the mid-pipe.
    The outlet on the BBK shorty headers is not the same as stock, so a factory mid-pipe won’t fit correctly, you’ll need to buy a BBK mid-pipe. It took two BBK off-road H-pipes to find one that actually fit; the first one I had must have moved in their jig during fabrication because the H-part was clocked incorrectly on both halves. The second one fit perfectly. (When I called BBK about it, they actually wanted me to ship it back to them so that they could fix it, and cover shipping both ways – MI to CA. Fortunately the guy at the speed shop here in Detroit remembered me from 4 months earlier and let me swap it with anotehr one.)

    Another tip is header bolts: if you go with the BBK shorty headers, plan on buying a set of Stage 8 or Ford racing locking header bolts. I suggest the 1“ version since the BBK flanges are fairly thick. It takes some work and planning to get them installed, but once they’re in you won’t have to worry about leaks after two or three initial tightenings. BBK’s come with 0.75“ bolts which only provide around 3 threads worth of engagement by the time you account for flange thickness and the gasket, and they tend to loosen up by themselves over heat cycles. The extra $65 for bolts with the locking cams will save you from blowing out a header gasket and potentially lost header bolts when they loosen up.
    Good luck.
  3. WhiteCobra95 is correct. No difference in headers from the Cobra to the GT. Only the GT40P heads from the explorers require a different header due to their spark plug configuration.