Does This Car Look If It's Sitting Too Low?

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  1. Just curious if anyone had a fox sit this low in the front. Tires tuck, but the fenders starting to tuck over them. Haven't had time to mount the fenderwells in yet. Front setup is Eibach sportlines, tokico blues, x2 balljoints, stock control arms, poly bushings, and MM C/C plates. The first time I set it down before I could drive it I had a small gap between fender and the tire. It's already settled to this after driving around a few times. Should I install the 1/2" spacers that comes with the x2 balljoints before I align it? Thanks. The rear is lower than that on flat ground. Don't mind the huge gap. It still has a rake to it though. The rear tires are outside of the quarter well line.


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  2. dang thats low. do you have rolled finders? wonder why the front is so low and the rear is still kinda high.
  3. X2 ball joints give it more drop and eibach sportlines drop even more. The rear is a LOT closer than that on level ground
  4. I think the front looks good
  5. Heres a more accurate depiction of the front and rear stance on a level pad. Somehow the car was parked awkward in the first full shot.

  6. Does it scrape when you turn or hit any bump? That would answer the too low question.
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  7. So far no. But the cars been down for 2 years for body work and a overhaul of the suspension and brakes. It's been on 2 trips to my dads store 100 yards up the road, two 3 mile trips to work, and one 5 mile trip on some backroads to test the functions. I don't want to drive it very far yet until I know everything is working properly.
  8. i think that second pic looks much better and if it doesnt rub then keep it low man looks nice that low im gunna try getting mine that low at some point.
  9. I've been lower, but you're definitely more into the range of aesthetic lowering rather than performance handling lowering. In my opinion anyway.

    But it looks good!
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  10. I think it looks good up front. Brakes look good too..What are you running in the back?
    Did you install the upper & lower isolators up front?
    I am running the sportlines all around. I installed new poly isolators on my front coils a few months ago and there was a definite improvement in ride quality. Front end raised about 1/4" - 3/8". Tires 235/45/17 used to rub at the locks. Now, tires don't rub.
  11. It looks great!

    Like others have said, if it doesn't rub, then you have the first step beat.

    The next issue, and the most difficult to pin-down is "bumpsteer." This involves the proper geometry of the front suspension as it was designed by Ford to handle optimal tire tracking and suspension geometry as it travels thru its arch over pot-hole and heavy cornering etc... all those actions that cause the springs to compress while driving might be a better way to picture it.

    Ford never got it right from the get-go with your year car but the ideal was to keep the car heading straight as much as possible during full tilt all the while maintaining a reasonable life on a set of tires. This can get much deeper. Most folks don't even know they have bumpsteer issues because it is hard, if possible at all, to feel in the steering wheel.

    For more information on your car as it relate to this issue, I'd say list out anything else in your setup you have done to accomplish your brake conversion and suspension mods, ie: K-member. This part certainly effect bumpsteer. C/C Plates and X2's good move...

    I do see you have these parts: "Front setup is Eibach sportlines, tokico blues, x2 balljoints, stock control arms, poly bushings, and MM C/C plates."

    What else?
  12. i feel bumpsteer all the time i dont see how people can not feel it unless they are not having it.
  13. What does it feel like? You may be able to help the OP look into any possibilities on his new setup.
  14. well as I'm driving along going perfectly straight then the car will pull sharply when hitting a bump in the road even a small bump. I have found that on most road course tracks there will be very little bump steer or handling will be more predictable.

    as far as feed back through the steering wheel it too will turn sharply to whatever side of the vehicle that has the suspension compression but will at times seem very slight in comparison to how much the vehicle will move if at all.
  15. That's odd, I don't have that issue, and I am that low. I don't know why either.

    The only issue I have had, is that I can not run inner fenderwells. If I do, it rubs like crazy with every little bump or dip I hit. I am actually trying to find a way around this. Can you run your fenderwells with no issues? Its even worse with a passenger in the car.
  16. yeah whats crazy is I'm not lowered at all 100% stock suspension. however when i did my five lug conversion it slightly helped with the bumpsteer but did not eliminate it. I think a bumpsteer kit from MM/UPR/Steeda is the way to go. however eliminating bumpsteer through correct tierod geometry would also cause a reduction in the contact patch during turns.

    you would also have to think about scrub as well
  17. that's weird.. i used to have this same problem in my 89 and it was a 100% stock suspension...i never figured it out, but never really tried to address it.
  18. UPR bumpsteer kit fixed all my problems after installing the eibach kit on my car. Highly recommend if there are any issues. And to the OP "if no problems" leave it! It looks bada$$!
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  19. Qa1 kmember stock control arms, steeda bumpsteer kit, 03 cobra steering rack, mm steering shaft, twin pot pbrs and 13" rotors. Spindles are from a 94/95.
  20. Are you running your inner fenderwells still?