Engine Does this look like TDC? (SOLVED)


Aug 7, 2018
So on my 95, I'm about to change the distributor. I read a lot of posts on here about proper way to do this and I have a question about TDC. Last night I pulled my cap off and noticed the rotor facing directly to the #1 cylinder. I thought 'wow how convenient as that's how it sat when it got parked'. I pulled the spark plug from the #1 and realized I can't really look down the chamber due to the angle

But was able to get my cell in there and take a picture of it........ does this look like TDC on #1? I tried inserting a screwdriver to measure depth, and it it bottoms out quickly, suggesting the pistol is right there. To me it looks like the piston is, or very near the tippy top of the compression stroke. Just looking for opinions first as I'm trying to figure out if its even worth attempting to crank the engine by hand at this point,l

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