Doesnt' have a whole lot to do with stangs... but

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  1. Well unles syou mix the word "stang" in it somewhere, this thread has nothing to do with mustangs...

    but do you guys have any good toasts for drinking (like... doing shots)? I have decided I need to learn a good one for future college drinking binges...

    If an admin wants to move this to a more appropriate forum (I think this is the only one that sorta fits... but yeah), then go for it.
  2. I watched Frasier last night, and they were watching tv, and they picked a word, and whenever that word was said, they all had a swig. Don't pick a word like "the" though.

    Veneer! *glug*
    Veneer! *glug*
    Veneer! *glug*

  3. Ok , wait till your 21. But when you turn 21, play "Star Wars" .

    Here are the rules.
    1. Whenever a stormtroopers armor proves useless, you chug.
    2.Whenever Vader kills someone, you chug
    3.Whenever Yoda talks like a fortune cookie, you chug.
    4.When one of your friends slams ewoks or jar jar binks, you chug
    I forgot the rest of the rules, I passed out :D
  4. lol hop... we did something similar to that with the sandlot... whenever they said bambino, the little kid repeated his older brother, and whenever we saw the beast you had to take a shot, and when the scrawny kid made out with wendy peffercorn you had to chug whatever was nearest (the whole time)

    was good times

    anyone have any toasts though?
  5. It'll burn going in and it'll burn again comming back out :D
  6. Here's to the perfect girl,
    I couldn't ask for more.
    She's deaf 'n dumb, oversexed,
    and owns a liquor store.
  7. Here's one my employee just told me. Too funny

    Of all my favorite things to do,
    the utmost is to have a brew.
    My love grows for my foamy friend,
    with each thirst quenching elbow bend.
    Beer is so frothy, smooth and cold
    It's paradise, it's pure liquid gold.
    Yes, beer means many things to me
    That's all for now, I gotta pee!
  8. lol awesome!
  9. You could go for the old man show chug cheer

    'ziggy zaggy, ziggy zaggy, yah, yah, yah,
    ziggy zaggy, ziggy zaggy, yah, yah, yah,
    ziggy zaggy, ziggy zaggy, yah, yah, yah'

    then you chug :nice:
  10. from my group to yours:

    Here's to you
    Here's to me
    Friends for life we'll always be
    But if in time we disgree
    F*@# you, Here's to me
  11. Here's one an old buddy of mine taught me 24 years ago (when the NYS drinking age was still 18!):

    Here's to it,
    and to it again!
    If we don't do it,
    When get to it,
    Then Goddammit,
    We'll never get to it
    to do it........Again!:cheers:
  12. 24 years ago :eek: ... That means that when I was learning to where learning how all-over again :cheers:
  13. I'm guessing no one ever told your dad that keeping condoms in his wallet wasn't good for them? :rolleyes:
  14. Did I ever tell you I have blue hair? .........Dad :rolleyes:

  15. Fritz I just want it known now.....son of yours or not, that boy is not allowed in the Jacuzzi! :nono: I've invited over the California Women's Beach Volleyball Team this weekend; so that hopefully 'Chelle will realize that the Closet Keeper Chick (and her sister) would be safe with us. Because of this, the last thing I need is for the pumps to be clogged with peanut oil before they get here.

    For that matter, why don't you make sure the boy stays with his mother this weekend? :nice:

    Still Dreamin'
  16. Here's To Looking Up Your Address!
  17. I've just booked my flight! Damn my rotator cuff surgury in two weeks!
  18. keep em coming
  19. NOT!!!:mad:
    That goshdarnwhippersnapper peanut boy is COLOR BLIND! That's green and gray fuzz, NOT blue hair growing on him!:nonono:

    Don't even START a rumor that ugly!:nono:

  20. Hey, you know what I heard???