dog ring vs synchronized trans

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  1. So i'm at the point where I have to get a new Transmission. I'm looking at dog ringed and syncro transmissions. I here that with dog rings you have to rev match I was just wondering of that was true or not. I do a lot of High RPM Shiffting and I want something that will hold up to that. That and I'm going to be getting a Stage 3 Clutch when I removed my old Terd T-5. Any advice would be cool
  2. if you have a street car you dont want dog rings....

    very notchy and loud.

    i assume your talking about g-force?

    get the synchroed one, unless you are driving on the track or roadracing only, imo.
  3. If all the mods you have in your sig is all you got, then you have absolutely NO need to rev the motor high enough to need a dog ringed trans. They are more for like 7k rpm shifting. Also they are not street freindly trans. either.

    A reg. synco g-force/astro t5 will be hard to beat, and seem to hold up to about 400hp or so.

    Lastly, I dont think g-force/astro rec. using a spec clutch or other "harsh" clutch as they are the cause of more trans. failures along with an improper install/setup.
  4. Not to hijack, but I'm facing the same dilemma myself since I found an ear broken off my transmission case for one of the trans to bellhousing bolts, so I'm in need of a new case anyway. I understand the reason for going synchronized, but why not use dog rings on the street? I'm personally not worried about sound; my exhaust should have that covered already :)

    Edit: GreenMustangGt, you rebuilt your T5 correct? How difficult is it to do?
  5. :crazy:

    sorry dude, a 2 chamber clonemaster setup is not gonna drown out a dog ringed T5.

    i believe the dog ringed g-forces are straight cut as well. good luck with that.

    this is not a mod that should be considered for 99.99% of the cars on stangnet.
  6. The noise is not the real issue, the fact it will be like shifting a damn big rig or actually a 1950's big rig. Drive around speed matching for a day without using the clutch to get an idea.
  7. i drove a dog ringed M22 as a daily for about 1 year before i finally got so sick of it i pulled it out.

    the noise is what bothered me the most--sounded like i was about to loose my drivetrain everytime i shifted normally(not to mention the gear noise). guess thats the price you pay to be able to turn 9 grand--man i miss my DZ302.
  8. M22's are not quite trans to startwith. A M20 was the first trans I put in a car at the old age of 15 in a buddies 2dr 1966 impalla. That was right after we stripped his dads 64 velle' SS, that ended up getting stolen from a body shop:( .
  9. The Gforce has both Dog ring in heli cut and straight. And they really are not that loud i have been in a stang with one sounds like it has a super charger is all. To me I love that whine even if its just the gears. I have rev matched for 2 months now no biggie for me i'm used to is. Then again that's because my 2nd gear syncros are tost can't shift with out grinding sucks and is a pain in the ass right now to shift at high rpm makes it sound like i'm just learning how to drive a manual lol. What I want to know is how does the Dog ring work as compared to syncros.
  10. Can someone explain the difference of a synchro, and a dog ring. I am unfamiliar with tranny's, or better yet that terminology.
  11. This is a really good thread. Subcribing.
  12. its hard to explain without pictures

    so hear it goes, with sync rings as you move the shift lever the fork slides a slider that moves it over a floating brass ring with a bunch of "spikes"(the syncor) on it. the syncro will line up the slider with the "spikes" on the front of the gear.

    as for a dog ring(aka open faced syncro) the slider will engage a slotted face ring to the matching designed slotted face on the gear. like i said, alot easier to explain with visual aids.
  13. this is a dog ring, note how the face of the gear is flat with notches.
    View attachment 439436

    syncro, gear face has "spiked" ring around it--note the other items pictured are only bearings and have relevance to this discussion.
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  14. So what makes one harder to drive than the other? Sorry this may be a stupid question, but I really want to know.
  15. My guess is that the dog ring has less notches than the syncro's have spikes, thus less "chances" fot the gear to click in easily?
  16. To me that would not make sense or be practial for race/off road applacations if it was harder to get into gear. I think its just harder for people because of the sound. It can't be any worse than driving an 18 wheeleer lol