DOHC head options...

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  1. well first question would have to be which volvo head do most 2.3t owners use when they do the swap and are they of the same years and if not, what years? also, would it be possible to just use a DOHC head off of a ford 2.3(even if it's n/a and although i assume it's the same as a volvo)?
  2. its the b234 wich came on the 740 between 87/90 i belive.
  3. Ford 2.3 DOHC's are a totally different animal than the Lima SOHC 2.3's the mustangs have. The volvo is the only DOHC head I've heard has been successfully swapped.
  4. awesome, thanks.
  5. oh yeah, and the b234 is a turbo head or no?
  6. No, its a Volvo 2.3 N/a head. Its not a direct swap and will require alot of modification to the head. Including, re-shaping the cylinder chambers, closing and re drilling water jackets, extending the head and re routing the oil returns. If that isnt enough, you will have to fab up a custom intake (or fork over the $$$ to buy one) and custom exhuast if you want a turbo setup on it. A pully/tensioner system will also have to be worked out. Good luck!
  7. In short.......about on-par with doing a whole DOHC engine swap. The Volvo headswap may be less expensive, but IMO the result reflects that.