Doing H2o Pump Today

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  1. Puttin new water pump in 90 today how all goes well
  2. Careful with the bolts. They have a tendency to snap. Spray the s hit out of em'
  3. spray all the bolts down with PB blaster. Chase all the bolt holes. I would recommend using SS bolts but at a minimum use anti sieze on all bolts. Might as well change the thermostat and hoses while you are at it.
  4. I would actually hold off changing it today if possible, start spraying the bolts today with PB Blaster and spray them again and again over the next several days. As said above you might as well do the thermostat and coolant while you are at it.
  5. All went well no leaks, ran cool
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  6. Oh and I also threw in a new clutch fan blade while I was in there, the old was cracked