Donald Farr Book Marks 50 Years Of Ford Mustang

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  1. Think you’re totally ready for the Holiday shopping season? Got all your Ford Mustang paraphernalia purchased? How about trivia–got the Mustang mantra all down-pat? If you do, well then, you’re quite ahead of the game, and set to make a mark of being a true blue-blooded Mustang enthusiast.

    One special item we’ve made sure to pick up this fall, in preparation for the 50th Anniversary of the Mustang we all love, is Donald Farr’s Mustang: 50 Years book. Donald has collected & assembled a completely detailed timeline, from a meager start to today’s monster sales mogul, known across the entire planet. From the re-configured, redesigned Falcon platform pony car all the way up to the 2014 Mustang and 2015 Mustang expectations, Farr’s got it all covered in composite, with photographs and text, telling the entire famous Ford tale.

    There are over 400 photos of the iconic Ford Mustang in this book, so be sure to put Mustang: 50 years on your Amazon wish list, today!

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