Donating Plasma!

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  1. Does it hurt??

    I wanna do it to make some extra cash, lol
    you get $25 the first time then like $15 each time after that.....
    people with experience, feel free to chime in :D

  2. One of my friends here does that for beer money (ironically, since you aren't supposed to drink for a couple days after lol), but basically he said it hurts a little bit more than giving blood, and you have less energy for 1 or 2 days.

    Basically, depends how hard up you are for cash, and if you mind feelin a little weak :shrug:
  3. I "heard" they hook you up to some machine???
  4. I used to give plasma before I got a real job to get spending money in college.

    Plan on either getting to the center really early or spending half an hour to an hour waiting in line. Plasma centers are pretty popular. Figure in at least an hour to actually give the plasma.

    It doesn't really hurt, unless you get a bad technician or you have small veins. Sticking a moderately sized needle in your arm multiple times isn't very comfortable.

    The saline solution they pump back into your body is cold, relative to your body temperature, so there's also the chilly sensation of feeling ice in your veins.

    Don't forget you'll need to get a physical the first time you give plasma. Figure in another hour of waiting in line, urine sampling, and actually getting the physical. Plus most centers only have their doctor come in on certain days, so call up there before you go.
  5. sounds like too much of a hassle....thanks for the info :D
  6. What about donating semen??
  7. HAHA :rlaugh:

    I heard that can pay pretty damn good. But I dunno about havin a bunch of my juniors swimmin around places I didn't want them to.
  8. HAHAHA that's so funny me and my friends were talking about donating semen to make some extra cash. Anyone know how much they pair for that and if you can do it more than once. Man if I made money for that since I was like 13 I would be a millionaire. HAHA :banana:
  9. Its a huge hassle. I don't like needles that much and depending on the person, you could be hook up to the machine with a needle in your arm for an hour. The last time I went, it was going great. I felt fine just reading a magazine, then right at the end, I got really confused and I think I fainted for a few seconds, because the next thing I remember was looking down and seeing my arm bent with the needle in it. I haven't gone back since. The wait was really long and the people there were downright scary, so I will probably never go back.

    Also, I had a friend that also went, and the last time he went blood was leaking out of his vein into his arm and he ended up having a painful bulge for a few days. This is actually quite common.

    Another downside is that when they check you to make sure you are clean each time, their results aren't 100% accurate and if you don't check out even if you are fine, then not only can you not donate plasma, but you can also never donate blood ever again anywhere.
  10. sell a kidney on the blackmarket :nice: I bet that would get some cash :rlaugh:
  11. some cryogenitc lab sent me a letter a couple of months ago asking if i wanted to become a semen donor. if i remember correctly it was like a 3 or 4 month commitment. you had to go like once or twice a week, but you could go more. they paid 2000 a month. the bad part was they required a four year degree. otherwise i was game. i figure no sense letting all that money go down the drain :rlaugh:
  12. a 4 year degree to beat off in a cup 3 times a week? hmmmm