Digital Tuning Don't Be So Quick To Update Your Sct Device!

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  1. Just received an email from Steeda notifying me of a "Urgent Notice: SCT X3 Tuner Critical Update" to which I followed directions and updated my device. That means returning vehicle to stock, updating and then reloading tunes. Well, went to reload tunes and now I cannot! Contacted Steeda and was told to contact SCT. Been on hold now for 10+ minutes and will likely have to leave an email message since they close in 20 minutes. Problem is the car has the Steeda CAI so it's not suppose to be run with the stock tune so I'm dead in the water until this gets remedied. Just an fyi for anyone else that might have gotten the notice.
  2. ++1 :bang: I updated mine and when it installed the new software a dialogue box came up and said Unplug/Plug did that and lost everything in my tuner blank screen. My computer says unknown device now. Dead Tuner. I called Steeda and was told to call SCT, I did that and held on for 30 minutes with no response, then tried there chat line and it timed me out 4 times no luck, then sent an email and no response yet. So what are we to do? I also have the STEEDA CAI which says don't drive it with a stock tune which is I have now. So my car is setting in the garage sorta like a lump on a log.
    Since Steeda sent out the email they need to take a lead to resolve this. Right now I am dead in the water.:fuss: Seems like we both learned the hard way now we have to get some kind of resolution.
  3. Ah yes... The DAY OF update pwn3tage.

    I'm betting they're probably FLOODED with phone calls. All you can do now is wait for them to fix their screw-up.

    In the mean-time, I suppose you could log in to facebook and rant and rave. Should be a good following of that building up by now.

    I like the title of this thread. No matter WHAT you're updating software on, you never want to be one of the first. o_O

    Someone has to do it though... Other will read this thread and say, "Whew... dodged that bullet"!

    Making this a sticky till it gets resolved.
  4. Thanks for the comfort Noobz! That's why I posted quickly so others may not do so. If I am the test rat, it doesn't hurt so bad if others are spared the pain.
    Harold, I was quick to think that Steeda should take the reins on this too, but if SCT screwed up then it isn't Steeda's fault.

    Anyway, yeah it sucks, crap happens, they know there's a problem (I hope!!!) and we have to have confidence they'll resolve it. It's really gonna be a pita if we have to get the tunes from Steeda again. My tuner came preloaded and I can't find the tunes on the tuner. Was told it would take about 24hrs to write them (but don't they have them on file already if they wrote 'em?) and then send them out. C'mon rain! Rain like a sum-beech for the next 48hrs!!!! :)
  5. Yikes. Scary stuff. I haven't updated mine yet. I hope you guys get yours worked out.
  6. I did go to Facebook ,SCT Performance and vented my problem. This was last night and this morning I had two answers from them apologizing for the support but they had been swamped since this update came out. Very poor planning on there part you would have thought with there experience they would have known they were going to have issues. But enough of that we did communicate on Facebook and a tech called around 11:30 AM EDST over 24 hours later and after a total of ten minutes had my problem solved and I was able to reload my tune on the car didn't loose any of the programs. The tech Brett was very cordial and knew what he was doing and thanks to him for fixing my problem. I was really scared I was gonna be out of a car for days, real problem. They now say if you aren't loading any programs right now to wait and do the update due to the workload and they have extended there hours to accomodate they problems. I still think Steeda should have taken more of a lead in resolving this since the tune was theirs. But with today's times you pass the buck when you can.:banana:
  7. SWEET! Glad you got worked out! :nice:

    I'll leave up as a sticky for a few weeks to try and catch anyone else that might have these tuners.

    How are you making out Beviking?
  8. Oh... and if someone could post the steps necessary for the fix.... That might be helpful too. At least they'd know what's involved.
  9. Is this an SCT or Steeda/SCT thing? I have a Bama SCT tuner and am going to assume its SCT'S deal and not try updating mine.
  10. Guess I'll have to take the facebook path. I sent SCT an email message yesterday via their homepage link. Also called back this morning and listened to their beautiful music for too long. Haven't heard a word from SCT yet. I did contact Steeda again and since it sounded to them that my tunes were wiped, they are re-sending me the tunes.
    I have the auto update which is what I did with the tuner. IF my tunes are wiped clean like suspected, which they shouldn't have been according to Steeda (makes sense to me!), I should be able to reload them onto the tuner and then onto the car. Not sure if that helps with steps. Will post back when I get somewhere.
    Good idea to sticky this while the problem exists.
  11. jetmech, it seems to me that its an SCT thing as it happened when updating the SCT tuner via SCT autoupdate.
  12. My tunes were still intact when they restored the tuner. And the only problem Ihav with the fix is that the SCT Tech has control of your computer and I couldn't keep up with the different things he was doing to get the tuner working again. But he did check the updated tuner for me and saw that the tune files were still there.
    This is an SCT thing entirely whether you bought it from Steeda, Bama Tunes, Evolution, etc. So it applies to all SCT flash programers is what they told me.

  13. Be sure to check SCT's website for new pics of Harold's wife. :D
  14. Well, got thru to SCT finally last night. They remotely wired into my computer too and my tunes were wiped clean. It was nice of SCT to let me know I'll have to re-acquire the tunes and reload them. Would have been a hellofalot nicer to received a message stating the update would/could wipe the tunes, then I could have backed them up and I think SCT would have had far fewer calls. Thankfully, Steeda rocks and had already started working on getting me the tunes. Hopefully I'll have them today and only be without the car for two days :crap:
  15. Well at least the solution is on its way.

    No more tuner updates unless you do a 100% backup! :fuss:

    You should probably have a backup of everything that's on it anyway. I mean... Let's say it's stolen or broken or whatever. At least you'd have your tunes to download to the replacement unit.
  16. Uh, yeah, probably should have for sure! Total noob mistake! Won't happen again.
    Should have given SteedaBrandon a big THANK YOU! publicly for getting the ball rolling on replacing the tunes :hail:
  17. I keep all tunes saved on my computer, including stock. I did the update last night, something like 2000+ updates, took about 30mins. Just return car to stock do update and reload your tunes onto the tuner, then pick the one to load back onto the car. I had zero issues, just take your time.
  18. We currently have 1 guy down and 1 guy that SCT wsa able to get up and running again. I have some new tunes for, but I'm scared to be dead in the water, so I'm going to wait a week or so more before I update. I don't want to be waiting around and not able to race on the weekends.
  19. That goes for anything computer related. Make backups before you do anything this major. You always want to have an exit plan if things go sideways during an update.
  20. My friend's 2011 GT tuner crashed during the update last night as well. Seems to be a fairly common problem.