Digital Tuning Don't Be So Quick To Update Your Sct Device!

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  1. So what's the draw back if I don't do this update and reload the tune? I'm not understanding why this is a critical update.
  2. Nobody?

  3. Updates?
  4. Guess I'll email SCT and find out why because I'm curious what the implications would be if one does not do the update.
  5. Here's my guess... You'll have a functional unit that provides MANY years of reliable service.

    This post along with your tuner, will self-detruct in 30 seconds. :ninja:

  6. That is a great question! They just say it's a critical update. Maybe to avoid any potential warranty claim?

    Update...Steeda is awesome, not that that is any new news, but they did get me the tunes the next day! Loaded the tune and all seems well. One difference I noticed was that when loading the custom tune now, you get the option to change other params which it didn't do before the update. I was hesitant to write back right away due to the feel that the car wasn't running as strong as it had been. You know, downshifting at 65 into 3rd, bustin the tires loose, then again hittin 4th gear! Need a longer track to see if she'll bust 'em loose in 5th :) Went to Ford to make sure there wasn't any problem and after a week the computer was still in the learning stage/mode? They also said they couldn't run a full diagnostic without returning the car to stock so I decided to give it to the end of the week. All seems well and I don't feel I need to go back to Ford. :banana:
  7. That's a pretty cool option to have. I might do the update just to use that. I did email SCT Friday and asked them about it. Hopefully I get response here in the next day or two. I know they're swamped.
  8. Yeah, never heard anything from SCT.... Either they deleted my email or they just forgot about me.
  9. Hi guys I stumbled across this thread while searching for answers as to why the firmware update on my sct flash tuner failed. My situation was similar what has been described earlier in this thread. Essentially I had the device plugged in to laptop via USB and was updating firmware using the SCT Device Updater version I did the update firmware option and browsed to the file. The update appeared to be working as the progress bar loaded up. I then got a message pop up saying 'Programming Complete! Unplug/Plug Device" so I did. After this the flash tuner would not boot just a blank blue lit up screen.... Someone earlier on mentioned that the tech staff were able to fix this problem. Can you please advise how??? Luckily I backed up my tunes before doing the update but the device is bricked at the moment unless I can somehow get the firmware loaded back on it... Cheers Adam
  10. Hey Adam, you need to contact SCT. Go to their website and follow the links for tech help. Once you get ahold of them, they're very helpful!!! Good luck!
  11. In the tech race the winner is not always first over the line - perhaps a race to be 2nd, 3rd, 4th!!!
    The back up your files advice is a good one.