Don't Believe The Magazines!

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  1. Hello all. This is my first post/thread on this forum. I just had to join because it looks like there are many of you that are going to, or really want to, get the new GT500. I've been reading some posts quoting magazines and am concerned that some of the information may be a bit, well how do I say this nicely, off the mark.

    I've seen some posts saying things like the supercharger is no longer a screw-type, the hood has been changed and is no longer functional, etc.

    Well, if you have not heard it from the horses mouth, please visit Fords SVT website because it is contradicting a lot of these magazine quotes. Please visit to see what Ford is telling the public, not Hot Rod, Road and Track, AutoWeek, Automobile, Car and Driver, MPH, and on and on. I’m not sure if you’ve been to this website, I didn’t see any quotes or comments from it. Be sure to be patient and let the into load (it takes a few moments) and make sure the volume is up on your computer. It's worth it!

    I’m not trying to step on any toes, I just want enthusiasts like myself to get the correct information, not internet and magazine rumors.

    Thanks, I look forward to sharing information with all of you in the future.
  2. Well said. Welcome and great first post.
  3. I don't believe all the mag stories but this press release is from ford and it says roots type

    Yes I read the FORDSVT web site when it first updated a month & a half ago.
    and yes, as quoting the web site from SVT."Ford performance enthusiasts can see these exciting new concept vehicles in person this year at a variety of automotive events across the country" notice it says concept not production version.
  4. Thank you. There's more to come very shortly.
  5. This is the only thing I care about. They can paint the stripes, put'em on with stickers, center the grill snake... whatever. Just tell me it's getting the twin screw and this article is a misprint.
  6. I hope it's a misprint as well. The big question is, who do we believe? The Ford marketing department or the SVT website? I really don't know. The only place I’ve seen it printed is in the press release. There are other forums around that are also talking about this so hopefully someone will get to the bottom of this soon. I personally have an e-mail into SVT concerning this issue.

    For those of you that are curious about the difference and why this is so important, here's a link to Keene Bell, a manufacture of supercharges, explaining the difference.
  7. Most people interchange the roots and screwcharger terms. Even though it's wrong, they do it. I suspect it's more of a misnomer than a misprint.

    I don't care what any magazine or internet forum says. That car wil have a screwcharger. The 03-04 Cobra, the Lightening and the GT all use screwchargers. If you think Ford is going to step backwards and run a Roots blower on the new Shelby you're being foolish.
  8. Right on! I'm with you.
  9. Amen Stanger!
  10. I thought the Lightning & 03/04 Cobra used an Eaton-built roots style blower, and hence many replaced it with the Kenne Bell twin screw when it finally came out. To my knowlege, the GT was the first factory car (of those we are mentioning) that came from the factory with a twin screw already installed. :shrug:

  11. That is true. Cobra and Lightning did not use a twin screw. They used a roots style.
  12. well it just proves how easy people get it WRONG.

    And yes you are correct, even though the twin screw compressor has been around for many years the Ford GT is so far the only Ford production vehicle to have one, ALL of the others use the Roots blower.

    MB are also using the twin screw on cars such as the SL55 AMG, and all the other models which use the same V8 with a blower, the earlier cars like the SLK Compressor where all Roots as is the current Jaguar setup and the origianl Aston Martin DB7 3.2 and the fantastic Aston Martin Vantage with its twin Eaton supercharged 5.3 V8 and 600bhp!!! (image how much bhp it would have been with twin screw blowers :p )

    Hopefully this change in blower by Ford will also filter thru to Jaguar, if you replaced the Roots blower on the current 4.2 V8 it would probably produce in the region of 450-470bhp :D