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Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by mustangroots, Apr 20, 2004.

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  1. I wanted to vent to everyone about their customer service. I originally bought some grab a track steering parts from them about two months ago. I used the idler arm and that was it. When I talked with a representative there they said it was fine to return items whenever as long as I called them first and got a rma number. Well, about a month and a half later I call them and they say that there policy has changed and that they won't take any returns/exchanged after 30 days. They also were being very rude about it and not explaining the reasons for anything. I have never had any problems returning to other places especially since I didn't even open the parts out of their packaging. Anyway, just to let people know I really didn't have a good experience with these people.
  2. Sorry to hear that!
    I have bought only a couple of times from them...I didnt have a pleasurable experience either...Plus they are waaay slow on shipping!

    Go with Mustangs Unlimited!
  3. I've had noting but great experience with mustangs unlimited. I usually just go up to their store (i live in Atlanta) though I've had things shipped from them before. I've never dealt with mustangdepot before but I doubt I will be now. To bad mustangs unlimited doesn't have performance parts, it wouldmake my life easier if they did.
  4. You might want to try CJ Pony Parts - like Unlimited Mustang, they have great catalog and what's best, they do carry performance parts!
  5. jesse: that doesn't make my life easier though! :) Mustangs Unlimited carrying performance parts would make my ife easier because it would mean not having things shipped to me, just walking in with cash and walking out with the part. As it is, I can buy all my restoration stuff locally, but I have have to order my performance stuff.
  6. Tell me thats not the one in Las Vegas. I just ordered some parts from them yesterday. The lady was nice on the phone. She understood what I wanted. Said it would go out today.
  7. mustangdepot is the one in las vegas.
  8. Well, you are lucky - I have to order restoration and performance parts... no local store in my area carries them!
  9. What part of So Cal are you in? Cause I know there are quite a few shops down there. I have to drive 45 minutes to mustangs unlimited. I have some used parts shops real close here like MEtro Mustang and prestige and supposedly gordon's classics will do new parts. Technically prestige and metro do too, but they still have to order most parts so it's 6 one, half a dozen the other between buying from them and ordering off the net.
  10. I live in a small town in the Mojave Desert - 2 hours outside LA. I usually go down to LA if I need something or just order from catalog... it's probably cheaper to order considering gas prices!
  11. No kidding, especially in that hole in the world. I lived in cali for 5 months...hated every minute of it, no more to do than here (except prettier beaches, and closer ones at that) and a heck of a lot more expensive

  12. BARSTOW????

    For perfomance stuff I generally go with summit. For restoration / mod I've been pretty happy with mustangs plus. Also I have a local shop called Bills Collectibles (run by a guy named mike, go figure).
  13. I ordered from John's mustang, being that its in Houston, and I'm over in Louisiana, I got things in 1 day. They are very quick, and they have alot of stuff. :)
  14. My buddy had the same treatment from them.
    he had to argue about returning the "new mold excellent fit hood"
    which they eventually replaced with a somewhat better one.
    He called and ordered new 1/4 extensions, which after 30 days he found out
    they were wrong. their responce was "they should fit, no returns"
    he will not buy from them again, I hope others have better luck.

  15. I have been using Mustangunlimited for my past 6 mustangs. I have had great luck and service...I live in California, if i purchase over $300.00 free shipping!!! Try will like the service!
  16. never had a problem with mustang depot

    Sure wish there some performance shops like that on the east coast...shipping kills us over here!
  17. Mustangs Unlimited has more performance parts than you think. I bought my AFR's from them. They sell stroker kits, lots of stuff, call them and ask them. The web site is hard to find thing on. I saw an ad in MM&FF listing AFR's, called, they had them in stock, and I had them in 2 days.
  18. I thought grab-a-track was mustangs plus's brand.

    I have been using sacramento mustang. mainly because they are closer, and do a flat rate for shipping. I have used mustangs plus a couple of times, with varied success. thier customer service was good, but they shipped me the wrong items and forgot to ship some others. when I called to inquire they were helpful and sent me the ups sticker to ship back the item.
  19. I have been using NPD and Mustang Unlimited for a while. A couple of times I used CJ Pony with no complaints.
    For performance I use summit and jeg's. I had a couple issues with Summit, but they sorted it out fast.
    I also used Larry's Thunderbird & Mustang because they were local (walk in/counter sales). I used them for emergencies only because they are kind of pricey. but they are cool people.
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