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Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by mustangroots, Apr 20, 2004.

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  1. ive never had a problem with mustangdepot....though if someone told you, you could return them you should of gotten their name, and if you did and they still didnt help you out dont shop there anymore. Though I cant think of any store that would allow me to return something over a month later. I got my hood, fit extremely well and a front sway bar all within a week of ordering.
  2. Nope - Ridgecrest
  3. OH MAN! I am SOOOOO with you on this!

    I ordered the TCP pedal covers for my 67 over a month ago... weeks went by with nothing in the mail. Their website said "in-stock!" so I contacted them and was told "it's out of stock, basically stop whining.. we'll just refund your money and you can try elsewhere". So I told them to change their damn site to show it being out of stock and that they should at least TELL the customer if it's back-ordered!

    I ALWAYS buy from NPD or MU, in fact, in the last 12 months I've spent over $4 grand between the two of them for my fastback. On April 9th I ordered a new voltage regulator from Mustang Depot like a complete dumbass because I found it on their site first (the one I needed). Paid, waited, waited, waited. Today's the 20th and I just finished emailing them asking where the ***** it was...

    I'm sick of their horse*****.
  4. I ordered something from Mustang Depot last year...

    it never showed up, then I got an email a month later telling me the order had been canceled, no explanation.

    I've had great luck with M+ and Summit, especially with returns. M+, I returned some lowering blocks to them a year after I bought them, even though their policy is something like 3 months. Summit, I've probably returned $500 worth of parts,again no problems. They definitely haven't challenged anything after I started spending 3-4 grand with them, but even when I was just buying $150 bucks of stuff at a time they took things back and treated me like a million dollar customer.

    Both companies have extremely knowledgeable tech people, too.
  5. I ordered a console from Mustang Depot a few weeks ago, their site said it was in stock but I called to make sure anyways. They said it was and I ordered it, about a week later the console was at my door, no complaints what so ever.

    Mustangs Unlimited however...I won an auction of theirs on Ebay for a 4 row radiator, paid via paypal that night and 4 business days later the thing was sitting on my door mat!!! That is just awesome service that I've never experienced from any other distributor.
  6. You would think with all our combined buying power we could get the attention of these poor companies and and get them to deal straight or put them out of business. Just a thought.....I have issues with MustangDepot as well.
  7. Just got my gas tank in from mustang unlimted and the service was quick. I am in california and I use them to get away from the sales tax. They really have been great with service. I also use summit, jegs and little ebay for odd things. I have drama right now with a gauge cluster bezel I bought off ebay. If the deal does not turn out well I will give you guys full details... I think if more people share their buying experiences, we can get rid of the poor customer service we get from some vendors... :nice:
  8. summit sucks! I have only used them once in the last year and a half and that was only because I needed a part fast, and they had it in stock.

    I was in a pinch before I moved to Oregon and needed an alternator bracket for a 351w. The bracket that was on the 289 was to short and did not line up properly. So I called up summit prepared to buy a march pulley set up. But I figured I would just ask if they had the bracket in stock. The guy I talked to said they did, and I asked several times if he was sure that it was the correct bracket, and it would fit. The bracket was around $20 so I ordered it and paid extra for next day shipping.

    I had to have the motor finished in less than a week, about three days after I ordered the part the package from summit has not showed up. So I call to find out that it had not shipped until two days after I placed the order. I get the tracking number and wait again. I finally get the stinking bracket and go to hook it up, and its the same POS chinese made chrome bracket that was on my 289. It was not even close to fitting. So I called them and told them that it did not work. The knucklehead has the nerve to tell me that I dont know what motor I have. he tells me that I probably have a 351m and that its basically my fault that the wrong bracket was ordered.

    I was not all that pissed that the bracket fit. But the fact that I was totally screwed because I had two days to get the motor running so I could drive my car home and I still needed brackets.
    but the thing that really bothered me was that the Jaggoff telling me that I did not know what motor I was working on. although I had just rebuilt the damn thing. The oldest part on the motor was the block itself.

    so I order through PAW now.
  9. and........ the question on my mond is where is the person that has some affiliation with mustang depot on this..............................

    Yup definatly just lost some customers.
  10. I just got a fuel tank from Mustang Depot and I had a run in with them on their lack of customer service. Get this.....I bought a 69 gas tank for my 68 and when I took it out of the box I noticed the fill hole was offset 5 inches to the right and had a vent nipple beside it. I don't know what car this tank was for so I called them. They had the nerve to tell me it was supposed to be that way. Then they decided to have the manufacture call me to see what my problem was. The short version was that I had to prove to them that I received the wrong tank. It still is not resolved yet. Repeat business is not in their future!
  11. I've ordered a few times from Mustang Depot and have no complaints. The latest was just a couple weeks ago.
  12. In mustang depots defense...

    I ordered springs and shackles from them. The shackles were out of stock and they said they would have some more in no later than two weeks. I live in GA....I paid regular ground for the entire shipment.....

    Mustang depot got some of the shackles in that I ordered and overnighted them to me at no cost...they got here the same day my springs did. One package from UPS, the other from Fed Ex.

  13. Same deal with me. I screwed myself by ordering those e2 headlight buckets. Ain't no way in hell they fit on a 66 mustang. After correspondence with the owner, I apparently know nothing about fiberglass and "slight modification". They'd work, and line up if I had a gallon of bondo. Mustangs Plus from now on!
  14. I thought this was a Mustang Depot thread? Ragging on Summit puts any future opinions in the soup from my perspective... everyone knows from forums by now that those Ford Chrome brackets are not worth the postage and you can't expect every phone operator to know everything, alot falls on your shoulders too. So...

    Anyhow... I've experience good and bad from every vendor, funny the amount of MU support here and M+ pimping (not shopping on price I suppose). In this day since most vendors do not stock anything but invoice paper it is the manufacturers that are generally the hold up and deceptive on the delivery times and the vendors often get stuck handling angry customers and putting up with lying suppliers. But if you want low prices, this is the only way it will ever work.

    And to fault anyone for TCP delivery issues, other than TCP and yourself is another ballgame all together ;)

    I could rant on about my AOD crossmember fiasco but it would be nothing but a long line of vendor rants when the real problem was Windsor Fox getting 3 months behind on orders. So, just be careful ... often your attitude as a customer determines the level of service more than anything (just how the world works nowadays).
  15. I ordered some interior parts from UPR, and they came "satin" not polished like was advertised on their website. I was informed that they no longer make polished window switches, so I spent the better part of 15 hours polishing them by hand. I also think there is a difference between satin and machined. What I got was machined, and wasn't run through a tumbler with silica which would constitue satin.

    Mustang Salvage Specialists I have had no problems with

    Summit Racing sent my LCA's by the next morning - I wasn't expecting such a quick delivery and I tripped over the boxes going out the front door!

    50 Resto is o.k., but I'd call first as some of their products aren't described entirely, or won't fit the application you think it would.

    CDC is 50/50 with me, my side exhaust came in no time, but it's been 3 weeks since I ordered the side scoops, and they haven't even debited my acct. yet! According to the email I received, they are making the parts, and so I sit and wait before I get to paint.

    MW Speedshop is fine for what they sell. Nothing too fancy about their parts, but you get them, and get what you ordered.

    Marvin Davis makes sequential tail lights, and he was a pleasure to deal with.

    The best company so far has been MGW. Not to mention their products are of the highest quality and you can even chat with the owner as well!

    eBayMotors, rather the people I end up buying from, are a bunch of f'ing A holes. Products are never advertised as they really are, or certain details seem to be left omitted in their favor. Ask a ton of questions and get lots and lots of pictures first.

    Paper Flames Racing makes some really crappy things, and you will have to redo what they did in manaufacturing in order to get it to how they describe it. Stay away from these guys.

    Next to MGW, is Pro3i here on Stangnet, my second favorite company to do business with.
  16. :lol: Uh, wrong forum...
  17. Why? Because I don't own a classic, but yet deal with some of the same companies you classic guys buy from? Doesn't sound like the wrong forum to me coming from a guy who's screen name is GT2K, which implies you own something other than that beauty in your avatar. :nonono:

    Sorry for trying to lend a heads up like the original poster of this thread.
  18. Relax... I was just giving you some heat. This thread is spiralling out of control and hating on a lot of vendors for no reason.

    But those vendors you spoke of are about 99.999% 5.0L ... yeah that's my '67, I still use this old account from the short 2 years I owned a 2000 GT.
  19. I'm just used to the V6 crowd and the fact that most are fairly immature, so everything read here on Stangnet is taken from a defensive point of stance. Seems like the past year or so, everyone in the V6 forums is hating on everyone else!

    I just don't see why vendors aren't a little more respectful of their customers. If a representative goes off on me, I go off on them right back. I've been deling with external and internal clients now for almost 20 years, and there are some things you just don't say to customers like has been posted previously in this thread.

    I once threatened an eBay seller that if he didn't take care of the problem I had with what I ordered, I'd come and burn his house down, as it wasn't too far from where I live and I had his home address as that's where the check went and the product mailing address came from. Long story short, he refunded some of my money! :nice: Negative feedback left of course!
  20. hmm, ive never had a problem with any of these vendors but its interesting to see others have. Im not sure what to think, M+ is expensive, MD seems to have a lot of problems, MU has the most horrid website ive ever been Well goodluck on everyones future orders, Ill let everyone know when I have something go sour
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