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Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by mustangroots, Apr 20, 2004.

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  1. Why didn't you order from metro mustang? I realize that you're not in Atlanta but it's still a hella quicker.
  2. So far I've had great experiences with Mustangs Plus (thumbs up to Ford...that's really his name), Summit, and NPD.
  3. I love summit! I ordered a cam sunday and I got it today. There was an issue with my checkcard and they fixed it within an hour on SUNDAY.

    Hey, I like MU because they're close and I've only once gone there and they didn't have what I wanted in stock (and believe me, I've asked for some off the wall stuff!)

    Their prices aren't that bad. When it is cheaper to order something and I can wait, I do.

    I agree, except it is kind of sleezy when places don't tell you that it'sg oing to be back ordered. TCP would be wise to sell out to a larger company. I'm sure some company out there with more resources would love to take over their product line.
  4. never heard of metro mustang....hell, im in ATL so much, that i would have picked them up myself!

    I tried going to Mustangs Unlimited in Lawrenceville....they didnt even sell performance springs! i was pissed.
  5. Yeah, MU is basically a restoration place. Ironically their suspensions tuff is one of their strong suits...except that they only have stock springs!!!!!!!!
    Metro Mustangs is a palce by the airport. You should call them a few days ahead of time to make sure they have stuff instock and if not they can order it for you, so that it will be there when you get there.
    Another place in Atlanta is Prestige Mustang over in Clarkston. PRestige is a salvage yard type place, 65shlbycln mentioned them to me the other day and I was like huh? who are they but then later ont hat day Ir emembered oh yeah I went there and bought my clutch pedal formt hem! They're pretty good and they CAN order new parts for you.

    don't remember this URL but it does exist :)
    Another place over in Dallas (as in paulding county, about 15 minutes north of me) is Gordon's Classics. They are a restoration shop specializing in mustangs. They can get your new and used parts, but I've never used them so I don't know what or if they stock anything. I found out about them when I met a guy who owns a 65 while I was getting my front end aligned. He was getting tires put on his rather large truck and the place was busy that day so we got to talking. He said they're very good and the mechs there are willing to answer questions and such.
  6. Finding an intelligent life form on the other end of the order line is getting rare. I perfer to buy through the internet so I don't have to deal with rude and know nothing venders. I think if you sell a product you should also be an expert on how it works and fits. Mustang Depot still sucks......Just keeping the thread going.
  7. I still haven't received a reply from those ***** at mustang depot... I'm going to have to call them tomorrow.

  8. I have also been calling them even though they confirm that my phone number is correct I always seem to be calling them.
  9. You know what I got told when I called??? "Hmm... your order was on 4/9... and today is the 22nd.... ::silence for 5 minutes::... your order hasn't been shipped yet." "You don't say...." "Let me check with our California warehouse and see when it's coming in. I'll call you right back."

    We confirmed my phone # and she never called me back. Hours later I get this email:

    "Mr Tim Parthum,

    I contacted our warehouse and they are expecting their shipment of the C5TF-10316-A voltage regulators in the next couple of weeks. I am sorry I could not get back to you via telephone. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you very much and have a great day.

    Mustang Depot"


    It already took them two weeks just to tell me it would be another couple of weeks to GET IT, then they'll still have to SHIP IT. I replied telling her to refund my money and I bought the same part from That company hasn't let me down yet.

    I'm never buying from MD again, unless I have no other choice.

  10. I know we all think we are the only ones on the planet and should be given the utmost expedience, but keep in mind that Mustang Depot attended the 40th Show in Tn and I bet that had some affect on their customer service.
  11. Yes they did attend and if I was aware of my problem then I would of confronted them in person. Wouldn't it of been great for them to treat me the same way in person? I bet they would not of. I'm hoping the total number viewing this thread will effect their business in the negitive direction.
  12. Three letters: NPD. They're always pro, great customer service, great quick shipping, great at resolving problems and doing returns, prices are fair, if not cheap, and they always contact me if something is gonna be backordered. Add to that, they actually seem to evaluate the parts they're selling. I called to order door handles and wanted to get the "quality" Scott Drake versions, but NPD informed me their then current supply of Scott Drake handles sucked and that the imported Taiwanese versions were far supperior (and cheaper by 30%). I bought Taiwanese which I was/am pleased with. Yep, if I gotta order something, and NPD carries it, I get it from NPD.
  13. Well, I doubt any of us will be affected by this thread. The gripes voiced here are really on the petty side. I've had bigger problems with NPD, M+, and even Summit. However, after working out the problem I still order from them. I guess most of you don't own a small business (or know someone who does). They are usually under staffed, paper work (including orders) get lost, suppliers lie about ship dates, inventory is hard to track, etc... Give these guys a break.

    I just hope that everyone complaining is as perfect in their jobs as they expect these guys to be. :rolleyes:

  14. Did the whole staff go? Anyway, all I have to say is honesty. if they (any company) told everyone straight up that things were backordered, or the supplier is always late, or any other issue that effects my/our orders. Then there really wouldnt be threads like this. I work in sales for a construction product manufacturer and If I have even the slightest idea that we or one of our suppliers is going to be late or has a history of being I let my customers know......thats what keeps them coming back to me, I may not be the fastest or the cheapest but I treat them how I want to be treated.

  15. I thought you left "stanknet"
  16. You're a real smartass... you sound like MD sent you a free t-shirt in the mail. :notnice:

    I ordered the part on APRIL NINTH pal. I don't care if they went to Canada... the fact is that I have ordered from them before and both times been let down by lack of customer service. They didn't even let me know that it would be over a MONTH to get a simple product. It's not like they left EARLY in april and stayed till the 40th show. And it's also not like they all went and the business shut down. Be realistic.

    The fact is, if you don't have a part when someone goes to buy it you should let them know it's not in stock (which should have already been on the webpage) and then you should tell them an estimated time of delivery. And if your shipment didn't come in, then yet again you should LET THE CUSTOMER KNOW and make the decision to wait or not. I don't always have time for this $hi t.

    I deserve to be told if it's going to take over A MONTH to get a part that I may need urgently. PARTICULARLY a volatage regulator to get my stang RUNNING.

  17. Ya know... here you go again...

    Listen, you don't need to hope because I really AM that perfect in what I do. I work in retail and I consistently have to deal with delivery dates and back-orders, etc. I also know that it's my JOB to inform the customer of said information. It's not like I'm talking about how MD laid out their website or how they package their products, I'm talking about how they go about doing business.

    The owner of MD is too busy talking his 65 Eleanor poser-clone-of-a-clone Coupe up to take care of business?? Come on now.

    It's so simple and that's why it pisses me and the others off. If you're going to do businees, do it right or don't do it at all. And I won't be doing business with them anytime soon.

  18. Well gentleman, I just got in from a heck of a drive from Nashville and caught this disappointing thread, to say the least. I'm highly disappointed that any of you would be unhappy with our customer service. We are not just a sap sucker in the industry, we are hard core enthusiasts like yourself. Our 30 day return policy is there as a general means of letting our customers know that you need to make a decision for returns in that amount of time. Exceptions can be made in certain circumstances and we are always here for our customers.

    Thanks to most of you, we have made excellent progress in the last few years of rapid expansion. Yes, we have had some growing pains in our 6 years in business but we are always working to improve the level of service to our customers.

    We have had direct input in the design and manufacturing of a great new line of fiberglass from FSI. Is the defect rate zero, definately not with fiberglass, but we'll stand behind the purchase if you are not satisfied as long as you have not sanded or painted the product in any way.

    Again, those of you who stand in our defense, thank you. Those of you that may have had a less than enjoyable experience, I would be honored to personally assist you and make it up to you with the service you expect!

    Jay Jacquemoud, President
    Mustang Depot of Las Vegas
    877-611-0011 toll free
  19. Hey, I expect a company to screw up once in a while...but here we have a company screwing up left and right - and yes I've worked for and at one time owned a small business. I give companies alot of room for error. But good customer service is one of the reasons most people go to a smaller business: less clients so more personal attention.

    After all the problems I've heard from these guys, I probably won't buy from them unless absolutely necesary. Sorry but there's no reason to take 2 weeks to tell someone that something is backordered. I just ordered something from someone local. They told me later that day that they were just informed it was back ordered and that they would be looking for another supplier to get it from. THAT is customer service, and this place is a heck of alot smaller than mustang depot.
  20. Jay,

    Keep up the good work. I will continue to order from Mustangs Depot.
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