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Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by mustangroots, Apr 20, 2004.

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  1. You're kidding me right? I'll make you a deal, I'll quit being a smartass if you quit being a dumbass. Deal?

    You order TCP covers online and bitch about not receiving them. You say the website showed "in stock", but the MD website DOES NOT SHOW AVAILABILITY! I guess you missed all the threads about TCP and them not responding to customers or DISTRIBUTORS. So, you finally call and whine and they give you a refund.
    Then, YOU (keyword YOU) decide to order from them again, via the web again. Why didn't you call them with your urgent order so you would know if it was in stock? Why not blame yourself.

    I'm not you pal. I wouldn't tolerate a whiner like you. The 40th was last week (April 15-18). I'm sure they needed to be there to setup by the 14th. I know they drove out with JMC & JME, so I'm sure it took a few days from LV to Tn. You placed your order on Fri the 9th. You don't think they were busy getting ready for the show? I think YOU need to be realistic.
    My wife and I own 3 small businesses (very sucessfull businesses) and I do consulting work on the side. I know that during our trade shows the offices are left staffed with very few employees. Most of these are accounting dept who are un able to answer specifc questions. They field messages for the rest of us and we return calls when we can.
  2. You're not even smart enough to pick up the phone and verify availability and you want me to believe you are perfect
    :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  3. You can get a replacment VR at any parts store today to have that thing on the road, then swap it out when the 'special' one arrives...

    And I'm wondering if the 4,675 posts I never read were this good ... not really.
  4. Why didn't he post the damned thread in TALK anyway? Is he freaking lost???!!! :shrug: :nonono:
  5. Again, those of you who stand in our defense, thank you. Those of you that may have had a less than enjoyable experience, I would be honored to personally assist you and make it up to you with the service you expect!

    Jay Jacquemoud, President
    Mustang Depot of Las Vegas
    877-611-0011 toll free[/QUOTE]

    Well, I took Jay up on his offer to personally take care of my issue. I called at 4:00pm central time on the 23rd of April and he returned my call within about 10 minutes. He was very concerned a told my he would resolve my issue. Ref: invoice 465198 He sounded like a sincere guy so I will keep you all posted on the results. I'm impressed that he responed to this thread. Let's all take a deep breath and cool down and go out and work on our Mustangs! :nice:

  6. who are you talking to?

    I am the only one with that amount of posts. But I did not order a voltage regulator. :shrug:
  7. well, thats probably true, but i don't see anywhere that EL1NOR said that they called him and let him know they were going to be backordered or whatever. This excuse doesn't really cut it I don't think, there are still SOME people there, that should be telling customers that have orders that are backordered....that their order is backordered. Right?
  8. Right.

  9. I already purchased one, it was only $10. The people at NAPA AND at Autozone both didn't have on file which one was correct for a 67 289 w/ AC. So I bought the more expensive one with the idea that it would have more to it for the AC... Wrong Apparently.... So I went BACK and tried the other... WRONG AGAIN. Apparently the one that was more expensive was just a new version of the cheaper one. Both not right for my car.

    I bought from MD because I figured I'd give them a second shot, due to finding out about the TCP BS. ALSO because finding the C5TF VR is not the easiest of tasks... MU doesn't have it, and I didn't see it in my NPD catalog either!

    Oh, and I think you need to get your SN's straight, because I definitely don't have 4,000 posts... :notnice:

  10. Oh this is going to be one big drawn out fight, here we go....

    Actually I never said a word about it here until this thread.

    If you paid any attention, you'd notice that when things are out of stock on their website, it shows it in bright red text that looks like it's bloody. It says "CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK", which they added to the TCP section after I talked to them about it. But they put that on all the stuff they don't have in stock... NORMALLY I thought...

    This happened before the threads started, in fact, I probably could have been one of the first to start one if I wanted to. And if they DID stop responding, then MD should have yet again, put up the Out-Of-Stock info on the TCP products.. It's called, "keeping up to date".

    Incorrect, I finally contact them and ask if they've had a chance to ship it out yet. Then I'm given the backorder speech, etc. Then I said to keep me on the "list" of people waiting but I was refunded regardless.. I didn't even know it until I checked my bank statement. I SAID TO KEEP ME ON THE LIST.

    Well who else would it be you douchebag?

    again... with a side of again? Don't forget again! :lol:

    TCP products I understand are impossible to get now, but a simple VR should not be such a big ordeal, it wasn't a worry until 2 weeks later and still no sign of it... de ja vu

    Is that what you typically do when you order something and it doesn't show up?? You sit down and blame yourself for it?

    Thanks again, Captain Obvious.

    No, if you were a business owner and you screwed up multiple times with a customer, you wouldn't "tolerate" them. *sigh*... do you even read your replies before you click "submit"??

    You seem to have a lot of MD knowledge in there.... something smells fishy.

    By "they" are you referring to every single employee that works there? Because you know damn well that only a few of them actually went. It's not like their business shut down and every employee hopped on a bus with their digi-cams...

    After reading this stuff you wrote and replying to it.. I don't think I have a problem here.

    That's nice, I'm sure that such high quality businesses run by you have the same quality name as "Two Monkey's F ucking a Football"... :rolleyes:
    Success isn't rated on how many pats on the back you give yourself.

    Excellent story, my favorite part besides "un able" being two words, was when you stated that with YOU (NOT MD), messages are left and when you get back you take care of them. Meanwhile, with MD, that isn't done. Which yet again goes back to the POINT of this thread that I didn't even start.... be it with the TCP pedal covers or with the simple VR, and not only with me, but with the others that posted... there are no call-backs, or messages, or even statements DURING THE ORDER that products are back-ordered. How hard is it to use your voice and tell me?

    You know...there's definitely something up with you and MD... oh wait, I know! You're both horrible with people! :crazy:

    So anyways, does this petty back and forth crap have to continue on between you and me? Because it's not gp001 that I'm irritated with (yet)... it's MD. And I'm sure as hell not going to read your posts and agree with them.

  11. I don't really need to explain WHY I had to close this thread do I????????????????????????????????????????????
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