Don't deal with Prestige Mustang! (update)

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  1. This is an update to yesterdays post about Prestige Mustang, Clarkston, Ga. ( sending me a back seat that was 1/2 coupe and 1/2 convert. I was told they would try to find me a bottom for a convert in the same upholstery, today I called back and was told they didn't have one, but they would send me a bottom with different upholstery ( I would have to spend my money to get it reupholstered to match). I explained that wouldn't help since I still have my original bottom in leather, I bought their's because it was cheaper than getting mine reupholstered and their's had the right upholstery. All I was looking for was a partial refund to cover having to go to the upholstery shop to get the coupe bottom upholstery they sent modified to fit the convert seat. I was told again they only offer "store credit" I explained again that I don't need any more parts, and this was their mistake not mine and they should make things right. Todd, the owner told me they gave me the bottom free bacause it had a big hole in it (that cost me $130 to get fixed). He said they only charged me $100, when they usually get $200 (I'm sure seat bottoms with holes have a huge resale value). Finally I told Todd I would warn you guys about his business practices, he told me to "Go F%$K Yourself" and that everyone loves his business. (I never raised my voice and never swore at him) I'd stay away from these guys, they don't send the right parts and they don't make things right.
  2. Wow, screw them guys. Giving you a torn seat doesn't make up for what you thought you were buying. They sell a lot of take off parts and are always parting out cars..couldn't they just wait and find you a good one?? I don't see how anyone could love his business.:nonono:....swamp rats
  3. Sounds like a real professional business they're running there. Very mature. :rolleyes:

    I'm sure there is something you can do. File a complaint with the BBB? Sue their asses for the costs? They sold you one thing, gave you another. If you have the reciept that says you bought one item, and you clearly recieved a different item, I'm pretty sure they are 100% legally at fault.

    I'm no lawyer though.

    Thats like, if you ordered a supercharger from KB or Vortech or someone, and they sends you one for a Corvette, and says "Oh, we don't make them for Mustangs anymore. Send it back and we'll give you a store credit." Doesn't sound fair at all.
  4. We had a similar incident with prestige. We reported them to the BBB...along with four other complaints...and still nothing has been rectified. What is worse is that they completely twisted everything around to make us look like criminals and idiots. You can complain to the BBB, but don't expect much. However, maybe they will eventually get the picture. I would never recommend prestige to anyone.
  5. If you paid by credit card call your credit card company. They can credit back your account.
  6. that doesn't sound like something Todd would say....I've dealt with him a few times and he's always polite and cordial.

    they only have 2 neg feedbacks on ebay in the last 6 months. every time I've dealt with them, they've been courteous, prompt, and resolved all issues.

    I think when he offered you store credit you should have taken it...i'm pretty sure have a policy like any place that sells used parts "no refunds, no exchanges, no returns" you're lucky to have gotten that.

    also in the future it would be beneficial for you to take or find a picture of what it is you need, that way there is no question of accuracy, and email it to them, so they can get you the right part.

    for the record I have no dog in this fight, I shop pretty much everywhere I can get the good deal or good prices, so I'm impartial to all mustang places. I don't work for any of these places.

    no reason to go around bad mouthing a business just because your perception is messed up because of your experience. im not saying they are right and you're wrong, but I'm sure

  7. What the hell is store credit going to do for him, especially after whats happened. He didn't order the wrong part they sent him the wrong part. Also if they are selling items they should know what they are selling, you shouldn't have to take a pic of the item you want.

    I would be letting people now how they run the business also, why should others get screwed over.
  8. like I said I have no dog in this fight, but unless the OP has "Evidence" such as an audio tape recording of the conversation or copies of the emails, it's all hearsay.

    it's a he said she said thing. there's always two sides to every story and we haven't heard both sides. you're hearing the side from the OP and that's it. so until that happens, don't be quick to judge a company based on a buyers opinion.

    you don't know what happened, you weren't present for the transaction or on the other line to listen to the conversation.

    and yes, a photo of what you want should always be verified for accuracy...i've called a part one thing, but I got another part instead because it turns out that part was called a different name than what I thought. mistakes do happen. If you have any doubt, call Prestige and ask them what their return, refund, exchange policy is. or ask them to come on here and explain their them out...don't bad mouth them without proof...that's called Slander. If the OP has proof (hard evidence) then fine.

    I needed a rear seat cap for my Stang back in October, and it turns out it was called a rear seat upper parchment. Had i not sent a picture of it, I would have gotten the rear deck carpet area instead but because I was proactive and made sure that they were on the same page as me, I got what I needed.

    always verify no matter how simple or trivial it may seem or if you think the person on the other knows as much about what you need, as they should. no one is perfect.
  9. mixedbreed:

    It is his right to come on here and discuss or complain or do whatever he'd like, JUST as much as it is your right to come here and tell people how to assimilate information.

    Not everyone is going to read the OP's comments and immediately assume that it is the truth. Now, I can appreciate that you are being reasonable and level-headed about the situation. But people that know and/or trust the OP are likely the kinds of people who would benefit from this information. Which is why he posted it. :nice:
  10. it's all good, just my opinion that everyone should hear both sides of the story before they say they're not doing business there any more. if that's what the OP wants to do, that's his business. but everyone who wasn't on either end of this transaction shouldn't pass judgement.

    my out of the discussion.
  11. Sorry to hear it but thanks for posting cause I was just about to buy a sadel pair of Cobra seats from them, now Im gonna wait.
  12. thanks for the info. I doubt i'll ever do bussines with them but who knows.
  13. thanx for the warning, Yea this type of news spreads pretty fast! I won't buy from them now!
  14. I dont think I have ever left feedback on ebay so that has no meaning for me. They ****ed him so im not going to risk my money.
  15. I sent an email to get their side of the story...and here is what was sent back to me today.

  16. I also might add the return policy is as follows.

  17. Ok, so now that is totally opposite of what the guy that started the thread said....and we knew it would be. So whats the point of that? You cant verify who is right and who is wrong. Obviously the person that started this thread felt he was wronged, so im wondering who are you mixedbreedgt 02 to tell him he shouldnt feel that way? And second, after reading the e-mail you sent, especially the line that states "trashing a company's rep because something didnt go his way" just doesnt make any sense at all. Im sure if you bought an item or something that wasnt exactly what you thought ....or didnt go "your way," you wouldnt be too happy about it either. Dont tell me for one second that in your entire life you have not complained about a store or something you bought before....because im going to call complete BS about it. So although its nice to have a good attitude, coming in here and acting all holy (as in never once saying anything bad about an experience that didnt go your way) just save it.
  18. I've had complaints, but I handle it with the store, I don't go blabbing to the internet about it.

    He clearly didn't know the return policy, but they still tried to make it right and that wasn't good enough.
  19. Yea i understand, but thats what they said. And like i said before, this guy has a completely different story. So honestly, i dont think we will ever get to the bottom of this. I understand that you cant please everyone, but I think that if they really care about what people think about them, then they would have said something, or created an account. Because in all honesty, im sure after people see this they will not try prestige mustang as suppliers. Thats just how life goes.
  20. I wasnt talking about everyone....but there are some people that wont try a certain parts supplier after hearing bad news about them.