DONT FREAK! New Forums Tomorrow

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  1. I plan to upgrade our Forums over to a new system during the day tomorrow.

    Coming with these changes is a new entire software suite. I think you will really enjoy the new system, there will be a learning curve and I know that everyone will freakout at first, but trust me when I say you will be so much happier with this new system!

    The Forums will be down probably at least 8 hours while we import all the old data to the new.

    Some cool things to have:

    Much faster style pages, posting, searching
    Intense Notification System
    PMs are now Conversations and you can pull more in to chat together.
    Your own Status update page that users can follow (like twitter)
    @mentions in posts to get someones attention... :)
    and much more.

    Please don't completely freak out on us... give us time, i will bring the boards back online before we have everything set so just enjoy the bumps while we flush them out.



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  2. :( Are you switching from VB? I can't tell from the screenshots what software that is.

    Can you please make sure you install a dark theme. I know most sites upgrade and keep the bright theme while bugs are worked out


  3. i agree! need the dark theme, easier on my eyes!
  4. Would it be possible to add an icon on the thread lists that indicates threads which we've posted in? I like that feature that we had before, and on other forums I'm in.

    I know you're still "tweaking" it, just wanted to add that suggestion for consideration. :)
  5. do you know why our avatars show up all blown up and blurry now? lol
  6. It does that.... on the left shows the avatar of the poster, and the lower right hand corner will be your avatar if you posted in there
  7. What SlammedGT said. ;)

    You are allowed larger type avatars now so I would update.
    I would suggest to anyone that runs avatars on other sites is to use Gravatar. One upload and it pulls your info from your email address.

  8. I trust you have all found the skin changer? If not, scroll down to the bottom left hand of your screen. In the bottom bar (if you've not changed it yet) you will see the word, "Social". Click on that and you will find the other skin. :nice:
  9. Where is the "online indicator" located?
  10. Doesn't show if the OP has no avatar.
  11. Maybe I'm missing it but I can't seem to find the equivalent to the "user control panel" with this new setup. I see a page that shows 20 threads that I recently had activity in, but nothing that shows threads with new replies. Also, I have it set to subscribe when I reply or create a thread, but it isn't updating the list.
  12. Basically there is several ways of being alerted or browsing new.

    First if someone mentions you - NotA4.6 - then you get a Red alert in top right. Also in the alert is anyone that you are following makes a post, a thread you are subscribed to or if you are liked. That will pop up.

    You can also live on this page and then select and watch things, your news feed which is people you follow, or click on watched threads or new alerts.
    (tabs and your other profile settings are in the left nav menu.

  13. The easiest way to the USER CONTROL PANEL is to click the QUICK NAVIGATION MENU BUTTON. At either the top of the page or the bottom you'll see a navigation bar... the one on this page looks like this:


    All the way to right hand side of that bar is a small icon... click on it. That menu is awesomesauce and probably one of the best features of this new forum. :nice:
  14. Looks like it's all coming along well. I have a question about the RSS feed, though. Before the change the RSS feeds seemed to include the new message, now it looks like just the subject. Before the feed was from something like "...\external.php?type=RSS2". Is that something that can be restored?

  15. I know squat about how the RSS feeds work (might have to look into that) so I'll alert MRaburn to your question.
  16. Ill check into those options.
  17. Hey Mike, how do we search for the threads for the day? I'm so used to vB's method (search.php?do=getdaily) that I have no clue how to do it with XF. I'm probably just dense, but I haven't played around with XF in a production environment before. Only a test on their site and I never utilized the search function.

    Edit: I'm dense. I just needed to click the "what's new" link.
  18. Ya I was thinking... The what's new link would probably work. If it was a snake!

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  19. Nice upgrade :nice:I like the conversation pm's now :D
  20. Woah! Nice will poke around and get familiar with the new lay out.