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  1. i had a 92 lx that ran 13.8's was stollen a few months back,once recovered there was nothing left of use. drinetrain stripped body burnt inside and out.
    so i have spare 5.0 sitting on stand and a 91 nissan 240sx im considering putting it into.
    240sx is about a 1000lbs lighter then mustang,and since i'm laid off at this time money is tight.
    what do you think ?
  2. i say go for it its been done before. i have a 350 in my 90 240sx. just had to make the motor mounts and electric fan. its a tight fit too. rear end will hold up very well. just get new shocks and struts. go over to they have all sorts of write ups about it. with pics too.
  3. had to do a cheap swap like that since the original four banger took the crap. and i couldnt find replacement one. still looking though cause ima put the 350 into something else.
  4. Not really a Fox Engine Swap question. Moved to Other Auto Tech.
  5. going to do the smart thing and wait till i can buy another mustang instead of putting 5.0 into nissan. i can sell the motor i have and the nissan then add to that.. looking to get a 94 gt
  6. Good plan. Just put the 240sx shell on Craigslist and VOILA! You'll have 1000 emails in the 1st 5 minutes from people trying to build a "mad tyte 240sx silvia for drift competitions"

    If its rust free, you should fetch a few bucks for it.
  7. Dumb idea. The SR20, RB25, and RB26 have more potential in this car than anything else.
  8. incorrect. those engines aren't better than the stock KA with a turbo kit or the 302. if you're going V8 go LS1. the 302 is okay if you're doing drag, if its carb'd that's even better.