Don't know if you have seen these spy pics

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  1. Those shots in motion are awesome, gives much better perspective of the car.
  2. Yeah I am a member there I can't wait for the 08 cobra. I should have my mach payed off. Won't that be a pair in the garage..
  3. Linkys no worky.
  4. JUST checked them and they are still working. refresh and if that doesn't work change your security settings.

  5. Thanks for posting those. I like the looks of the black wheels.
  6. That is a great pic. It looks so much like the concept (side scoops, hood, mirrors, etc.), yet parts still look like the production version (headlinghts, parts of the front bumper). Lets hope this makes it into production, and isn't some sort of midway point between the concept and production models.

    However, since there doesn't appear to be door handles, and the top looks to be glass, I think it is more concept than anything else.
  7. A mustang driving in wet weather and snow! :jaw:
  8. That red one looks pretty slick...
  9. it looks great with the sonic blue
  10. what's wrong with that?
  11. It's a good thing