Fox Dont Know What Color To Go For With These Wheels! Opinion??

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  1. my car is satin black so i dont know if i should go with black wheels sve-10071652_4359.jpg
    im kinda leaning towards the dark stainless but dont know if itll look good.. sve-10078653d_2109.jpg
    let me know what you think
  2. I know the latest "trend" is black wheels but I don't like 'em! Except on some eye searing bright paint jobs. I always will love polished/chrome wheels on black cars. Yeah I know I'm boring:rolleyes:
  3. Yeah colored wheel fads come and go but polished/chrome are forever a classic. I'm not too wild on black either from 20 feet it looks like someone pulled the hubcaps off
  4. black wheels just look dirty.

    Go with normal looking wheels.
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  5. I'd go with chrome personally as well, I got over the black wheel fad 10 years ago myself...
  6. i agree the black wheel thing is gettin old still i cant help but to love the look of a clean red foxbody with black wheels
  7. Buy em chrome and plastidip them what ever color you want. .02
  8. Chrome Wheels and Red Cars always Always ALWAYS look good together.

    The ONLY black wheels that I've ever looked at on a red car that made me look twice, was a set that was black in the middle with chrome or polished lip in a deep-dish.

    Something like this:

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  9. i don't like the wheels all black.. but black with the outer ring natural alum or chrome look good..

    like the ones i had on my dart.

  10. I like the standard chrome wheel look. Black wheels went out with white face gauges.
  11. Personally I would go with either polished or black, nothing in between unless there's a polished lip along with it. The black chrome stuff just looks like chrome/polished with brake dust all over it.
  12. That is what my coupe will be getting, hopefully over the winter.
  13. Boo I have a cobra gauge cluster. But my wheels are chrome