dont know what its called...

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  1. like Public display of power or somethign like that? when like police would get ya for revving or burnout or something
  2. it exhibition of speed or accelleration :nonono:
  3. i got one and it stays on your record for 7 years its a mister menor- pissed me offf so bad i can't spellll right :bang:
  4. misdemeanor....i think heh.
  5. ha ha nice wording 12sec
  6. I think I have heard it called:

    "Excessive power to ground"

    "indecent display of speed"

    Oh, and if you have those tires that leave colored sgtripes like yellow, blue, red, when you burn out, they can get you for vandalism too.
  7. Varies municipality to municipality kids. In some states, such as NC, its flat out " Reckless Driving", a misdemeanor that can land you in jail and your car impounded. The police here usually wont get that bad unless you get an attitude. :flag:
  8. where can you get those at? i've never heard of them
  9. How about, MISTER MEANER? :rolleyes:
  10. up here its called "excessive noise of exhaust or tire contact" thats a $75 traffic ticket with no points.....

    but like everyone said the cops have all the power and pretty much make all the rules, im sure it wouldnt take much to get a guy with reckless driving or dangerous driving :rolleyes: best bet is dont get caught :nice:

  11. Cobain03
    I dont know where to get them or who makes them. I know they were a trend here in San Antonio a few years ago. I remember KSAT12 news did some coverage on them. Haven't seen any cars with 'em for a long time though.
  12. In SC, it's "reckless driving" for um... excessive tire chirping :nice: