dont know what to do, keep the 5.0?

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get rid of it? or keep it?

  1. keep that 5.0!

  2. ditch it for high tech goodness!

  1. all right, heres my problem. i now have 2 mustangs, one a real nice 1992 mustang 5.0 hatch that i've had since new, and i love it. but now i also have a 2003 GT, and im not sure i can have both forever like i want too. i just got rid of a 2001 camaro SS for this new stang, which i love, but i just dont know wheither or not to keep my 5.0. can you guys help me pick which to do? get rid of it or keep it? it was my first sports car and i love it. any and all ideas wanted, thanks :flag:
    P.S. im having trouble putting a pic here, but i think you guys know what im talking about, its bright red too.

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  2. i'd keep the 92. nothin like being the original owner of a car. especially as it gets older.
  3. yeah, thats what im thinking. its been my favorite car, even if not my fastest. i just cant get over how good it looks, even though i have an 03 now i still love the looks of the 92 better
  4. If I bought a 5.0 new, the only thing that would make me get rid of it would be an accident, theft, or financial problems. Other than that, I wouldn't sell it.
  5. keep the 5.0... and no offense, but id rather a 98+ camaro SS over any 99+ GT
  6. fox, that is kinda true, but a little run in with a certain eagle talon(you know who you are!) sent that car to its early grave. good news is i put him in the hospital, while i was ok. but the car was totaled
  7. Since your the original owner I'd keep it...probably not many original owners of foxes, and in 5 years even less. If you sell the 03 gt you could get a cheaper car for daily driving or whatever. If money isn't an issue keep em both.
  8. yeah, its not really the money, just wondering if its time to give it up. a big fear of mine is some moron kid is gonna get it and rice it up, ah the next generation(not saying all younger kids that get stangs are ricers, just a fear i have, most are pretty cool)
  9. gee if i even knew a kid w/ a riced out mustang. there are dumb teens ill tell you. my old mustang, it was a 69 coupe, someone told me to put saleen stickers all on it, slam it, and put big wheels on it :nonono: :chair: :fuss: :puke: boy was he a winner
  10. 3 foot wing, underbody neons, APC stickers :nonono: ......its your duty as an American to save it :flag:
  11. Id take it to my grave!!!!!!!!! :nice:
  12. i guess you guys are right, i should save it, its never let me down, why should i let it down right? unless some one in here has a good reason for me to get rid of it, then i will keep it! that pony is gonna be mine forever!
  13. Maybe take the Fox off the street and turn it into a show car.
  14. You could always give it to me :)
  15. i guess now that i think of it, not to many mustangs like mine(or ours cause it looks like everyone in here has one like it) are on the road in a good condition. so maybe someday it will be a collectable? that would be cool. its not all that fast, last 1/4 run i got a 13.68, not bad, but not great. i dont really plan on moding it to much more either. so i guess i should keep it.
  16. you should keep the 5.0 - what were you thinking ...:nono:
  17. what about those other cars in your sig, get rid of one of them
  18. I am leaving my mustang in my dads name for that reason. He sold it to me but never transferred anything to my name. Still a one owner car. Keep it.
  19. Back from the dead???
  20. I am amazed........................

    at how old this thread is.