dont know what to do, keep the 5.0?

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get rid of it? or keep it?

  1. keep that 5.0!

  2. ditch it for high tech goodness!

  1. oh holy crap, I didn't even notice it. Someone has been looking at the "similar topics" place.
  2. Haha,I wonder what he did with the car.:shrug:
  3. I bet he kept it considering it is still in his sig and he is searching for a terminator.
  4. keep the 03 sell the fox
  5. Keep em both....i did
  6. who the heck revived this thing?
    i do indeed still have the car, but am now more then ever thinking about selling it. its just sitting in my garage. my son wants to buy it from me, but i dont know. insurance would kill him, and im not sure i trust him driving a 5.0 mustang at 17.

    im thinking about getting rid of both the GT and the 5.0 for an 03-04 cobra, just havent found the right cobra yet to make me thinkg that hard about it.
  7. Just give it to him dont be a biznitch
  8. keep the fox put new suspension on it(max motorsports coil overs) and mod it a little and it will be new edge who? plus at the end of the day you still have your baby, i have had mine for only five years and i will cry and then kill if someone tired to take it